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How to transfer measured values automatically from a Leica DISTO D2 to the SiteMaster kitchen.

Note: Before starting SiteMaster Kitchen, you must first pair your DISTO with Windows. You can only use the laser with SiteMaster Kitchen once you have paired your DISTO D2 with Windows.

Step 1: Click on the Site Master Icon Menu.

Step 2: Click on Connection.

Step 3: Turn off Manually Transfer Distance.

Step 4: Confirm the entry with OK.

Note: Make sure you have the latest Windows Update installed.

Attention Please!

  • You have to manually transfer all readings from the Leica D2 to SiteMaster Kitchen by pressing the Bluetooth button on the laser.

  • Pass the values of addition and subtraction, manually by pressing 2x on the Bluetooth button on the laser to SiteMaster Kitchen.

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