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Note: Before you start SiteMaster Kitchen, you must first pair your DISTO with Windows. You can only use the laser with SiteMaster Kitchen when you have paired your DISTO D2 with Windows.

Step 1: Select Show hidden icons using the arrow key on the right side of the taskbar in Windows.

Step 2: Click or tap on the Bluetooth icon.

Step 3: Select Add Bluetooth Device.

Step 4: Tap on your DISTO device.

Step 5: Select Pair. Wait until pairing is complete. This can take a moment.

Your DISTO is now connected with Windows and can now be used with SiteMaster Kitchen.

Step 6: Start SiteMaster Kitchen. 

Step 7: Tap on your DISTO. 

Step 8: Choose Connect.

You will now see the Bluetooth symbol on your DISTO display.

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