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Except when measuring walls, the softkey for Bluetooth navigation is set to OFF.

After the distance measurement, the blue arrow changes to...

Only when this symbol can be seen on the display of the laser can the measured value be transferred to SiteMaster with the right selection key.

Measuring walls with transfer of the drawing direction

Bluetooth navigation is only switched from OFF to On with the softkeys when measuring the walls.

After measuring the wall length, the blue arrow must switch again.

Only then, the drawing direction of the wall up, right, down or left can be determined with the additional keys and simultaneously transferred to SiteMaster (as with the D3).

If you want to work with plus or minus, the softkey must be set to OFF.

Switch to front measurement mode.

Press the lower selection button.

Select measuring mode b from the front

and confirm with the right selection button.


In contrast to the D3 and D2, the X3 has to be manually set back to the rear after the measurement from the front.

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