Step 4: Adaptation of the Floor Plan in CARAT

Adaptation of the Floor Plan in CARAT

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How to adapt your measured floor plan in CARAT.

Step 1: Click on one of the walls in the CARAT planning. The inner walls are now marked red. Each corner points forms red circles.

Step 2: Move the mouse over one of the corner points until a magnet symbol appears next to the cursor.

Step 3: Click on the corner, hold down the left mouse button and drag the red point into the corresponding corner of your measurement plan.

Step 4: A dialog window Acceptance of allowance values appears. Here the adjustment of the measured room height is queried once. Click Apply.

Step 5: Select the other corners and also connect them to the corner points of your allowance. Your walls will now be given a green test mark in the survey overview dialog box.

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