Step 7: Adjust Window Sill in CARAT

Adjust Window Sill in CARAT

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This is how you insert the window sill measured in SiteMaster Kitchen into CARAT.

The window sill that you have measured in SiteMaster is inserted in CARAT as a single obstacle. You must mark this manually as a window sill as follows:

Step 1: In the survey overview, select the obstacle that the window sill represents.

Step 2: Click on Information in the measurement overview. All measured information is displayed here.

Step 3: Double click on your window. In the following dialog window, select the Window sill item and transfer the values from the info window manually.

Step 4: Click on Apply.

Important: Please add the reveal depth to the value for the rear overhang so that the window sill is correctly displayed in CARAT.

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