Step 9: Adjust Radiator in CARAT

Adjust Radiator in CARAT

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This is how you adapt your heating in CARAT to the measurements.

Step 1: As usual, insert a radiator in CARAT on the corresponding wall.

Step 2: Click on the radiator until it is highlighted in red.

Step 3: Move the mouse over one of the corners of the radiator until a magnet symbol appears.

Step 4: Now click on the marked corner and drag into the corresponding corner of the radiator of the allowance.

Step 5: A window acceptance of allowance values appears. Click Apply.

Note: The width of the radiator should be measured from the outside edge of the valve, as the radiator and valve are used as one object in CARAT.

Your radiator now corresponds to the measurement values of the measurement. The item radiator 1 in the measurement overview is marked green.

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