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How to edit sloping ceilings and skylights from the measurements in CARAT.

Step 1: Double-click with the left mouse button on sloping roof 1 under wall 2. This gives you wall view 2.

Step 2: Doppelklicken Sie die Wandansicht im Zeichnungsfenster. Das Eingabefenster Wand bearbeiten, Wand 2 wirde geƶffnet.

Double-click the wall view in the drawing window. Edit the wall input window, wall 2 opens.

Step 3: Double-click the value under e.g. Knee height to change the values in the input fields.

Step 4: Transfer the measured values for. From the measurement PDF file

2 measuring height; corresponds to the room height

3 knee height and

4 Measurement distance, corresponds to the distance from the knee wall to the end of the sloping roof.

Step 5: Click Skylight.

Step 6: Take from the oversize PDF file the measured values for

width corresponds to opening width

height corresponds to the actual opening height and

Niche depth corresponds to the reveal depth.

Enter a stop.

In the Window editing input window, click Apply.

Step 7: Click OK so that the sloping roof and the roof window are shown in the wall view.

Schritt 8: Double-click the inserted window with the left mouse button and select Skylight 1 (Wall: 2) from the pull-down menu.

Step 9: To move it, move the mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the inserted window until a gray point and a magnet appear.

Step 10: Drag this corner to the lower left corner of the measurement window.

The sloping roof and the roof window are now correctly drawn in wall view 2 in CARAT.

Step 11: So that you can set the roof slope and the window to checked in the measurement overview, select the two components one after the other and click on not relevant.

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