Setting the Text Size for Dimensions

SiteMaster Kitchen v6, Setting the Text Size for Dimensions

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Open SiteMaster Kitchen.

Step 1: Go to Menu >> File >> Open

 Step 2: Open the directory in the file explorer:

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SiteMaster Kitchen\19.4.5007\Template

Step 3: Set the drawing format to be opened to *.dwt.

Step 4: Open the file: SmDrawing Metric_mm.dwt

Step 5: Select Tools >> Options... from the menu.

Step 6: Choose Drafting Styles.

Step 7: Open the Demension section.

Step 8: Open the Text section and, under it, Text Settings.

Step 9: You can now set any numerical value in the Height field;

Recommendation 1 to max. 1.25 so that the dimensioning texts do not get too big.

Step 10: Apply the change by clicking OK.

Step 11: Click Save in the general toolbar for saving the template file:

Step 12: Close SiteMaster Kitchen.

The next time you open SiteMaster Kitchen, the settings will be applied.

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