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How to measure roof windows in sloping ceilings.

So that you can pass on the information of a roof window to the planner, a correct wall view can be created in the combination of windows in a roof slope, which exactly shows the position of the roof window.

Measure the skylight as normal with the Window command.

Step 1: Measure the distance d1 (the distance from the outer edge of the window opening to the wall corner).

Step 2: Click on Next.

Step 3: Measure

Opening width,

Opening height, measure the top edge of the skylight and subtract the value of the bottom edge from that to get the compressed height of the skylight.


Window top edge (WTE) the opening and

enter an opening direction.

Step 4: Click OK and the window will be inserted in the floor plan wall.

Step 5: Choose Comment.

Step 6: Write the actual values of the window height in the text field.

Step 7: Click OK.

Step 8: In the wall view, use the mouse to select the position where the text should be placed.

To import into CARAT read the article:

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