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This allows you to enlarge the paper space in the layout for the PDF export.

Step 1: Execute the PDF export as usual for all sheets..

Step 2: In the paper space, open the Soil sheet.

Step 3: Double-click with the left mouse button in the paper area so that the outer border is highlighted by a thick black line.

Step 4: The layout area is now active and you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

OR: Select Zoom Window from the general toolbar.

Step 5: Click with the mouse at the bottom left in the area that you want to enlarge and complete the selection with a click at the top right.

The selected section is shown enlarged in the print area.

Step 6: Click on Model. So that you leave the activated paper space again. The thick border is reset.

 Step 7: Click PDF Export in the general toolbar.

Step 8: Only activate the bottom when exporting to PDF and give the PDF file a new name.

Step 9: Close the PDF Export dialog box by clicking OK.

You will receive a one-page PDF file with the floor plan. In this PDF, the planner can enlarge or reduce the view accordingly in order to be able to read symbol stamps better.

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