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Windows OS:

If you experience display problems or graphics performance deficit with the ARES Commander (for example, lines / entities are not displayed or the application window flickers, when you move the cursor over it, or slow mouse / cursor movement), then please try to update your graphic adapter driver to the latest version: Usually this type of behaviors is associated with "old" device drivers being installed.
We would recommend that you download the driver from the device manufacturer's website: On occasion, the Windows Update functionality selects and installs Generic drivers, that don't offer the best results.

If the update of the graphic adapter driver doesn't help or your driver is already current, please send us the gl_info.txt with your current OpenGL settings. The file is created by ARES under

Windows in the folder:

c:\Users\[Current User]\AppData\Local\Temp\ARES Commander Edition_temp\

With the gl_info.txt we can have a look into the supported OpenGL functionality of your graphic adapter and then we can try to fix the problem.
To get directly into this folder you can execute the following expression over the Windows command line (Search programs and files):

explorer %tmp%"\ARES Commander Edition_temp\"


The latest VMware Player with Windows XP virtual machines has problems to display entities in the drawing area of ARES. The used graphic adapter driver is not supported at the moment.

Mac OS X:

Under MAC OS you start the CAD application and type the following expression followed by a <Return>-key input into the command window to get the temporary file path:

(getenv "CADTMP")

"/var/folders/jw/fr3j9m5938s5pf506hd3d2sw0000gn/T/ARES Commander Edition_[Current User]_temp"

Open a new Finder window and select "Go to-->Go to Folder ...": Here you paste the temporary path without quotation marks and you will find the gl_info.txt in this folder.

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