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How To Change the Max. Number of Displayed Command Line (Commands History)
How To Change the Max. Number of Displayed Command Line (Commands History)

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Note: This change should be only made by experts. An incorrect manipulation / editing can damage the profile.xml-file and impact the entire CAD application.

The maximum number of displayed command lines in the command window can be changed only via editing the profile.xml. The profile.xml can be found in the local-user-settings-folder of ARES Commander. You can display this path via typing the following LISP expression (getenv "CADCFG") into the command line.

If you got this local-user-settings-folder now - browse via the Windows Explorer to this folder and under \Profiles\__unnamed profile__\ you will find your current profile.xml.

Open the profile.xml with an ASCII Editor e.g. Notepad++ and change in the group preferences_system the setting of outputmaxlinecount.

    <group name="preferences_system">
        <setting type="int" name="outputmaxlinecount" value="100"/>


The default value of command history lines is 100. After the change of the value entry, save the profile.xml-file again and restart ARES Commander.

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