ARES supports Offline Activation: You can set the offline activation for your laptop, for example, and you get a local license for the entire length time/duration of the license. 

Please consider the following :

  1. Important Note: If you activate a device offline, it is a one way operation. You cannot revert it again.

  2. Should you need to use ARES Commander on a different computer, a license can be used on two devices simultaneously, but only with one user/user account (see also our license agreement).

  3.  An Internet connection is not a requirement to use the software: Once the user logs in via the ARES start page, the license received is valid for 30 days. Saying this, after login to your account in ARES, as long as you are offline for less than 30 days, you can use the software, and by then (reaching 30 days), if required, you can connect again in order to extend the licensing for another (equal) period.

  4. If using a FLEX (network) license , you can "borrow"/reserve a license for the workstations. This will be a time-limited lock on the license for a specific machine: By the end of the time period, the license will be "returned" to the Server (will not be permanently reserved to the workstation). Please note that the license maximum borrowing period is defined at the time of purchase of the license, so do consult with your LAN/CAD Manager, or refer to the purchase related documents.

Note: Concerning included ARES Commander plugins, these plugin licenses are "standalone" licenses and as long as ARES is running, the plugin will run as well. If you need to allocate the plugin license to a different computer, you can do so by
-logout (from ARES) in the computer on which the product is/was activated, in order to allow the activation and use on a different computer (e.g. laptop).
-login in the Graebert Customer Portal, and release the license from the computer on which as previously activated, in order to allow the activation and use on a different computer.

Note: Licenses activated under incognito mode are permanently attached to one computer. These licenses are also not transferable/usable in a second computer.

Below the Activation process, how to get an Offline License:

To start this activation process you have to disable the Internet connection temporary and then start ARES Commander. Now the offline-option should be offered on the start page of ARES Commander application.

Further you to press the offline activation option in the customer portal to calculate the offline key for your laptop. See below.

Please have a look also in the help article here.

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