Requirements and Notes About LicenseToGo
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0) You need an Internet connection to use and activate a LicenseToGo.

1) A LicenseToGo can be used only after a successful activation of the main/base or parent license.

2) A LicenseToGo activation doesn't work in Trial Mode.

3) A LicenseToGo can be only activated, when the former LicenseToGo activation is already expired resp. no other LicenseToGo is already in use. You can't return an active activated LicenseToGo like a borrow roaming license before its expiring date (Borrow roaming licenses are only available for network licenses).

4) LicenseToGo works for Annual Plan and Perpetual licenses only within a valid subscription.

5) A reactivation of a LicenseToGo license on an already activated computer with a LicenseToGo works, but you can't adjust the previous selected expiring date anymore. The previous license key is only returned.

6) The serial number in the About-dialog shows the ending -TG, when a LicenseToGo is running.

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