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Reset of the ARES Desktop and User Interface Settings (Windows)
Reset of the ARES Desktop and User Interface Settings (Windows)

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In order to revert ARES to a "default" configuration (as if it was just installed in the computer), either due to excessive customization or as per advice of the Support Team in order to address a particular issue, you can do so by:

  • Go to the Options... dialog under Profiles and in the Reset-button you can restore the factory settings of the user interface. The OPTIONS command can also be typed at the command line, or be accessed in the pull-down menu Tools.

Important Note:

A reset of the desktop deletes all user customizations of the current user. If there are particular customizations you would like to reload/use in the future, make sure to backup the customizations and or use the export option for the correspondent files (so that you can reload them).

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