1) Enable iCloud on your mobile device ( iPad / iPhone )

2) Tap on "iCloud" in Finder. You should be informed that a folder "ARES Touch" has been created.
3) Go to your Mac PC, where iCloud also is enabled and open your iCloud drive. You should see a folder ARES Touch highlighted with an ARES Touch icon.
4) Open the folder and copy or move drawings into it. Wait a moment.
5) Tap again on "iCloud" entry in ARES Touch file explorer or refresh it by scrolling the list.
You should see your drawings now.

Note: The synchronization of your iCloud drive may take a moment. If you experience delay in the synchronization, sign out from your Apple ID on the iPad and then sign in again. As a result, ARES Touch folder appears on your Mac PC or iCloud Portal ( 

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