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Version: 20.3.2 (1114)
Release date: February 23rd, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Selection: Better performance when selecting and deselecting several entities. (R-477,R-5186)

  • Polar tracking: Visibility of the tracking line has been improved. (R-542,R-1993)

  • Properties: Properties command remains visible in selection options whenever an entity is selected. (R-5893)


  • PDFEXPORT: The application hangs up on overwriting the PDF file on cloud by using 'UPLOAD TO CLOUD' option. (R-4897)

  • FIND: Replaced text is not reflected in 'Search Results' after replacing the text. (R-5847)

  • FIND: 'Search in' drop-down does not show default value. (R-5848)

  • FIND: Wrong highlight of found text if it is SHX font. (R-5864)

  • FIND: Crash on finding a specific text in a sample drawing. (R-5879)

  • Trinity commenting: Notification is not shown after continuous commenting work. (R-5159)

  • Selection: Select matching does not work for 'Block' entity. (R-5234)

  • Properties: Crash on opening properties palette after selecting some missing externally referenced files. (R-5835)

  • File browser: 'Save to my local files' option does not overwrite the same name local file and keep showing the message. (R-5515)

  • File browser: 'Save Copy As' option is broken in case of overwriting the existing drawing. (R-5578)

  • ARES Kudo: Cloud Storage 'Offline Ready' drawing time stamp is reset on 'Refreshing' the browser. (R-5563)

  • ARES Kudo: Save option is disabled in the 'Application' menu when the drawing is converted into 'Conflicted Copy' version. (R-5573)

  • ARES Kudo: Sharing options - Box: Returns error on generating the view only link. (R-5869)

  • System: Toast message appears on mid of screen if command is picked from 'Run Command List' filter. (R-5865)

  • System: Pie or newer: Failure opening a drawing attachment from an e-mail app "K-9". (R-5902)

  • Graphics: Surface color of 3D Solid entity is not rendered correctly without interacting with GA. (R-5868)

  • Graphics: Incorrect center/origin for pivot in ROLLVIEW command ( View Direction ). (R-5256)

  • UI: Command input bar and Options bar are broken on various actions. (R-5907)

Version: 20.3.1 (1105)
Release date: January 7th, 2021
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Selection: Better performance when selecting and deselecting several entities.

  • PDFEXPORT: Time reduced to upload an exported PDF to the cloud.


  • UI: Right side menu options are not shown from the beginning of the list by default. (R-5781)

  • UI: The run command list does not hide when 'Repeat' option is tapped. (R-5809)

  • GETMASSPROPERTIES: The command is disabled in 'View-Only' mode. (R-5810)

  • FIND: Unwanted gray areas in 'Search result' and 'Summary' sections. (R-5820)

  • Files: Overwriting file issue on cloud storage. (R-5821)

  • SAVE/SAVEAS: The app may crash when you cancel the Save-as dialog. (R-5828)

  • Selection: The selection box is not good in specific 3D drawing. (R-5797)

Version: 20.3.0 (1099)
Release date: December 1st, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Subscribers and ARES Trinity users:
    New command FIND available to find text inside the drawing more quickly. Run FIND from the command list or execute from the menu "Tools" -> "Find and Replace".

  • Lasso selection: Switch your main window selection to lasso contour selection. All entities positioned inside and probably intersected by the lasso contour are selected. Enable lasso selection in "General Settings" -> "Tap and drag for Lasso".

  • ARES Kudo: Turn on/off email notifications.
    Access this new option from the file settings 'More'.

  • Access selection methods directly from the right side menu "Select" -> "Window", "Crossing", "Previous", "Last", "Crossline", "Fence", "Box", "All", "CPolygon", "WPolygon"

  • Access shade view modes directly from the right side menu "View" -> "Shade view" -> "2D", "3D Wireframe", "Hidden", "Flat", "Goround", "Flat with Edges", "Goround with Edges"


  • Geometry: Hatches are displayed incomplete ( drawing specific ). (R-5700)

  • Sharing options: Incorrect focus handling when password protection is turned on. (R-5577)

  • Trinity commenting: Can not change 'Filter'. (R-5649)

  • Clouds: The cloud cache is not removed when you unlink the storage (Box,Dropbox,GoogleDrive) (R-5754)

  • SELECT: Selected entities are not retained in selection set after exiting from command followed by removing any entity by window selection from selection set. (R-5788)

  • PDFEXPORT: Does not export the selected sheets. (R-5793)

  • Performance: Application hangs up on executing Block command. (R-5799)

  • Performance: Slow performance on finishing the command. (R-5800)

  • Performance: Lags too much if you try to specify point inputs with the help of loupe. (R-5804)

  • Display: Drawing is not visible in local drawing explorers if file extension is not specified with the drawing name. (R-5235)

  • File browser: Externally referenced file is not downloaded and shown in drawing if 'Show drawing only' is active. (R-5632)

Version: 20.2.1 (1033)
Release date: October 22nd, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • -LAYER: The option '? to list' does not display the layer list appropriately. (R-4298)

  • Display: Existing entities appear faded when switching applications during any active command. (R-5232)

  • ARES Kudo: The application may not start anymore when cloud storages with empty files or folders are connected. (R-5544)

  • Files: Rename option is broken in case of overwriting the existing drawing. (R-5546)

  • File browser: The app crashes when you browse back to the start view if option "Show drawings only" is active. (R-5610)

Version: 20.2.0 (1028)
Release date: October 5th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • File browser: Sort files by Date, Name or Size.

  • Subscribers and ARES Trinity users:
    New commands GETMASSPROPERTIES, -RENAME and SELECT available.

  • Added image tag recognition for picture recordings for the collaborative Commenting palette.

  • Added sharing options to manage view only links from ARES Kudo within the app.

  • Aliases to find commands more quickly in the command list (English, German).

  • Open and save DWT files


  • Trinity commenting: "Remove entities" button has no icon and text is wrapped in certain languages. (R-5438)

  • PACKANDSHARE: Pack and mail feature does not work for read-only files. (R-5439)

  • PACKANDSHARE: Wrong work-flow of 'No' option that is asked to save the drawing before continuing. (R-5442)

  • FREESKETCH: Created sketch gets faded during creation when another color is opted for next sketch. (R-5444)

  • Geometry: Centerlines are not be displayed correctly ( drawing specific issue ). (R-5529)

  • Geometry: Some Hiragana and Katakana characters are garbled. (R-5532)

  • CLOSE: Drawing is asked to 'Save' on closing without any modification. (R-5545)

  • Intents: Outdated third-party applications may lead to a crash when you open a drawing inside ARES Touch. (R-5547)

Version: 20.1.2 (613)
Release date: Sep 8th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Selection: No 'Axis' grip is shown for elliptical arcs. (R-5334)

  • Grip points: 'Center' grip acts as 'Axis' grip for elliptical arcs. (R-5337)

  • Android 10: You cannot access your local drawings from the drawings folder when you have more than one work profile. (R-5366)

  • Android 10: You cannot create and save a new local file when you have more than one work profile. (R-5366)

  • INSERTBLOCK: Inserted block is not exploded if 'Explode Block' option is checked. (R-5373)

  • CRASH: Unexpected crash on startup on certain devices. (R-4649)

  • CRASH: Unexpected crash on certain drawings when the layer list becomes active. (R-4824)

  • CRASH: Unexpected crash on certain devices with openGL ES < 3.2 (R-5393)

Version: 20.1.1 (606)
Release date: July 27th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Hatches: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you open a drawing with certain hatches. (R-5270)

  • Selection: There are no visible grip points for elliptical arcs. (R-3272)

  • Graphics: *CRASH*: The app may crash on certain devices that support only openGL ES lower than 3.2 (R-5272)

  • UI: The background downloads window fits the entire screen. (R-5269)

  • Properties: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you undo a plot style change. (R-5288)

  • Properties: *CRASH* The app crashes when you change a vertex coordinate of a polyline. (R-5350)

Version: 20.1.0 (604)
Release date: June 29th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved. You can now add voice recordings.

  • Selection: New highlighting effect.

  • Performance: OpenGL ES support 3.0+


  • MATCHLAYER: The command is not recognized. (R-4841)

  • CLOUD: Cloud > Radius doesn't work. (R-5060)

  • INSERTBLOCK: You cannot exit the dialog after you have enabled uniform scale and entered 'x' = 0.5 ( or any decimal value ). (R-5248)

  • UI: Save As: Existing name is not correctly highlighted if there are multiple "." characters in name. (R-4865)

  • UI: Selection controls remain active after entities are deselected via grip points. (R-5009)

  • UI: Long command name appears in two lines in 'Run Command' list. (R-4715)

  • UI: Runtime 'Esnaps' menu dislocates on changing the device orientation. (R-4772)

  • UI: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you navigate back to the root folder quickly via file browser back button. (R-4853)

  • ARES Kudo: WebDAV: Newly created and uploaded files lead to a broken view in the file browser. (RADON-5010)

  • Trinity: You can not log-out when you change your password. Kudo integrations cannot be accessed anymore. (R-5224)

  • Trinity commenting: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you open the commenting filter in the 2nd document again. (R-5209)

  • Trinity commenting: Android 9.0: Keypad overlaps the user defined stamp field in landscape mode and can't even scroll up the palette. (R-4904)

  • Trinity commenting: Markups title shows too much extra space on the top and the bottom side of picture recordings. (R-4830)

  • Trinity commenting: Tick icon in 'Filter & Sort' menu is comparatively larger with other controls. (R-4850)

  • Trinity commenting: Picture recordings show unnecessary empty space above and below the image. (R-4905)

Version: 20.0.0 (594)
Release date: Feb 28th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved. You can now add predefined and custom markups to a drawing.

  • Trinity: Help topic about commenting feature added.


  • MAKEBLOCK: Crash or freeze when creating a block that contains a picture note symbol. (R-4111)

  • FREESKETCH: Free sketched entities is not exported to PDF. (R-4408)

  • VOICENOTE: While playing the voice note the input bar remains visible. (R-4418)

  • VOICENOTE: The app crashes when you deny the microphone permission and tap on OK or CANCEL button. (R-4478)

  • GRIPEDIT: Returns <<Error>> when tapping on 'Grip Edit' option again directly after finishing. (R-2890)

  • PDFEXPORT: JPG images are not visible in PDF files. R-4608

  • Display: Korean text is not displayed correctly. (R-4603)

  • Display: Grip size is bigger in comparison with iOS version. (R-4256)

  • Blocks: Crash on creating a block reference that contains a picture note symbol. (R-4774)

  • Files: Message on file open (Code page conversion is not possible because there is no conversion table for ansi_949.) R-4602

  • File browser: Show a warning message to confirm on deleting a file. (R-4483)

  • File browser: The back button stops working in certain situations ( e.g. Galaxy Tab S6 ). (R-4767)

  • File browser: Changing the orientation switches automatically to the start page. (R-4398)

  • File browser: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you navigate back to root folder quickly via file browser back button. (R-4853)

  • ARES Kudo: Random crashes fixed.

  • ARES Kudo: Always opens a locally cached drawing and ignores the modified version of the same drawing available on the cloud. (R-3161)

  • UI: Text input in Korean reverts to English. (R-4605 / R-4903)

  • UI: Command keywords disappear in some certain situations. (R-4607)

  • UI: Show spinner while the first drawing scene is rendered. (R-4778)

  • UI: Runtime 'Esnaps' menu dislocates on changing the device orientation. (R-4772)

  • UI: Application crashes on continuously specifying points in some commands (Android 9). (R-4898)

Version: 19.1.0 (582)
Release date:  Nov 14th, 2019


  • Devices: 64-bit support added.

  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved.

  • UI: File browser layout optimized for small devices. (R-4372,R-4373,R-4374,R-4375,R-4377)

  • User input: ESnap options optimized. (R-3939)


  • FREESKETCH: The command creates an entity with 0 length in certain cases. (R-2525)

  • CLOUD: The command returns <<Error>> and fails in certain drawings. (R-2746)

  • PICTURENOTE: *CRASH*: There is a drawing specific crash when you select/deselect a picture note symbol. (R-3959)

  • UI: The layer list window does not disappear automatically when navigating back in right side menu. (R-1361)

  • UI: The command window title should be "Command Window". (R-3874)

  • Files: There is no warning when a PDF file with the same name already exists. (R-1717)

  • Files: Creates an unnecessary copy in your cloud storage when you save a cloud drawing in your local storage (Drawings). (R-3987)

  • System: The undo/redo toast messages remain visible even when you close the drawing. (R-4257)

  • System: The device gallery is not updated after copying or deleting images from the applications file browser. (R-3928)

  • General Settings: Entities are not visible without refreshing the graphics area manually when changing the background color. (R-3826)

  • ARES Kudo: The application always opens a locally cached drawing and ignores the modified version of the same drawing on the cloud. (R-3161)

  • ARES Kudo: The application hangs after tapping on two non-locally cached documents in the file browser. (R-4139)

Version: 19.0.389
Release date:  June 21st, 2019


  • Terms of Use have been updated *NEW*

  • Subscription: ARES Touch is now offered as stand alone solution.


  • SELECTMATCHING: The command does not return the correct number of selected matching entities (R-3442)

  • SELECTMATCHING: The command hangs when pre-selecting a huge number of entities in a drawing. (R-3443)

  • NEW: You cannot create new drawings on cloud drives in simple mode. (R-3789)

  • Properties: The property 'ext line' of lines & arrows does not work for radial dimensions. (R-3941)

Version: 19.0.365
Release date: May 7th, 2019


  • Subscription: ARES Touch is now offered as stand alone solution.


  • SELECTMATCHING: The command does not return the correct number of selected matching entities (R-3442)

  • SELECTMATCHING: The command hangs when pre-selecting a huge number of entities in a drawing. (R-3443)

  • NEW: You cannot create new drawings on cloud drives in simple mode. (R-3789)

  • Properties: The property 'ext line' of lines & arrows does not work for radial dimensions. (R-3941)

Version: 19.0.325
Release date: April 3rd, 2019


  • Trinity commenting: Improve collaboration around your project.

  • Fonts: Font substitution improved.

  • Display: See externally referenced GIF and TIFF images.

  • Files: Get notified if your drawing contains constraints.

  • UI: 'Picture Note' , 'Voice Note' and 'Free Sketch' is now listed at the top of the annotation features.

  • User input: ESNAP options now display icon and text.

  • Symbols: Added support for adaptive symbols on devices with Android 8.0 or later.

  • Graebert account: See more details about your license type. (R-3231)


  • Display: Drawing view becomes distorted when you bring the application back to front. (R-3930)

  • ZOOM: It does not show the zoom area window. (R-196,R-977)

  • HATCH: Delete boundary entities and highlight boundary entities are not disabled by default. (R-1990)

  • FREESKETCH: Command terminates abruptly on tapping twice on the graphics area. (R-2527)

  • FREESKETCH: The command causes a crash when the layer list was opened before a sketch is created. (R-3807)

  • Files: File delete confirmation message is not correct. (R-2999)

  • MAKEBLOCK: You can not overwrite the existing block definition. (R-3337)

  • UI: You cannot enter numeric characters in the search field of the run command list. (R-325)

  • UI: Option "Select Matching" is not available in 'Selection Contextual Ribbon'. (R-3441)

  • UI: The run command list only filters with "starts with". (R-3703)

  • UI: The layer list does not activate the layer when the entire row is clicked and the freeze / thaw icon is missing. (R-3806)

  • FREEZELAYER: Command shows wrong option flow after picking 'Settings' option. (R-3572)

  • LINECOLOR: The color palette has unnecessary extra space on the right side. (R-3648)

  • User input: The label width for "X" and "Y" does not adjust properly when you switch between "Polar" and "Cartesian" input. (R-3687)

  • User input: The settings bar becomes hidden all the time when a non point input is triggered. (R-3689)

  • Clouds: You cannot create new drawings on cloud drives in simple mode and the application hangs. (R-3789)

  • Clouds: Menu option "Send to..." does not work. (R-3860)

Version: 18.5.247
Release date: February 4th, 2019


  • HIDELAYER: The command does not select entity to hide the layer. (R-1999)

  • HIDELAYER: Wrong default value for 'Block selection' option. (R-3573)

  • PLANVIEW: Unrecognized command PLANVIEW. Press F1 for help. (R-3679)

  • FREESKETCH: When you cancel the color settings the active color becomes black. (R-3637)

  • Login: The cursor jumps on beginning of the text field on toggling the 'Show Password" option. (R-3589)

  • Properties: Properties palette does not hide automatically when another dialog is opened. (R-3593)

  • Properties: Viewport attribute (Linked to sheet view) has no icon. (R-3597)

  • Properties: Chevron button overlaps the 'Run Command' list on small devices. (R-3600)

  • Properties: Ribbon does not re-appear after completing the first entity creation on small devices. (R-3601)

  • Properties: Missing Text style drop-down list. (R-3604)

  • New user input: Right side menu and properties button appear after you opened the help and navigated back to active command. (R-3669)

  • New user input: Z value shows no value when the application starts with option "Polar" as last setting. (R-3670)

  • New user input: Z value and Z field remains visible when "Cartesian" and "Polar" is toggled twice. (R-3686)

Version: 18.5.210
Release date: January 3rd, 2019


  • Commands: Work with a newly designed prompt and keyword control

  • Properties: Read and write (Premium feature) entity properties

  • Grip handling: Configure how grip points can be activated and edited

  • PDF: Export files directly inside the current local or cloud folder

  • New: Create new files directly inside the current local or cloud folder

  • New: Create new drawings based on metric or imperial templates

  • Settings: Setting for downloading externally referenced files is now ON by default ( new installations only )


  • Performance: Finger gesture recognition is pretty slow. (R-3548)

  • Localization: ESNAP command options are not localized in certain languages (R-199)

  • UI: MAKEBLOCK: Shows a blank long list when you tap on 'Name' from the drop-down list (R-1526)

  • UI: Text color of options of all drop-down list is similar to background color and hence hardly visible (R-2917)

  • UI: Tolerance dialog shows cropped icons on certain devices (R-3207)

  • DXF: Always asks to recover the DXF file before opening it (R-3335)

  • Help: Keypad does not hide on closing the run-time Help document (R-3439)

  • FREESKTECH: Red color option does not work (R-3457)

  • POLISH: *CRASH* Application doesn't start anymore when system language is *Polish* (R-3466)

  • UI: Menu entries have hardly legible color on certain devices (R-3470)

  • UI: Close button is stretched on certain devices

  • System: Application does not start on devices with Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)

  • Permissions: Crash in initialization if the permission for writing external storage is denied on devices with Android 6.0 or later (R-3565)

Version: 18.4.192
Release date: October 22nd, 2018


  • UI: The label color inside all dialogs is similar to background color and hence hardly visible on devices with dark text settings.

  • HATCH: You cannot select a value from the drop-down list for "Angle" and "Scale" after specifying an invalid value. (R-3336) 

  • LISP: Block attributes are not processed correctly. (R-3353)

  • UI: HTML encoded strings (e.g. \&qout;) appear in some messages and information. (R-3354,R-3381)

  • System: Dialogs and command prompts are not translated anymore for supported system languages except English. (R-3382)

  • General Settings: The background color button does not work. (R-3342)

  • EDITANNOTATION: The input dialog to change the annotation value does not appear. (R-3393)

  • ARES Kudo: Checking for connected storages might cause an infinite spinner due to certain network issues.  (R-3355)

Version: 18.4.168
Release date: October 4th, 2018


  • DWG 2018 support

  • SELECTMATCHING: A new command to select drawing entities of the same type and with shared properties

  • ARES Kudo: Access all connected storages from the start page

  • ARES Kudo: Connect new storages via "Add Storage +"

  • ARES Kudo: Online thumbnails

  • Privacy Policy is now available online

  • Access our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy directly from the login page


  • Selection: Contextual selection options should be sentence case. (R-539)

  • ESNAPS: ESnap options from user input mask appear in a dark color. (R-2564)

  • ARES Kudo: 'Upload and overwrite cloud file' sub-option of 'Sync with cloud' option returns error and fails. (R-2723)

  • ARES Kudo: Previous drawing always opens in read-only mode after 'Upload as a new file' sub-option of 'Sync with cloud' option. (R-2724)

  • ARES Kudo: Overwriting fails by 'Upload as a new file' sub-option of 'Sync with cloud' option. (R-2726)

  • ARES Kudo: Android: Kudo (Offline - Upload to cloud): Can't upload the missing drawing by 'Rename' option. (R-2998)

  • PICTURENOTE: PictureNote icon does not hide completely on turning OFF its layer. (R-2836)

  • PDFEXPORT: Exports empty page for Model space of 3D drawings. (R-2841)

  • PDFEXPORT: PDFEXPORT/SHARE: Does not attach the exported PDF in mail if PDF is a bit heavy. (R-2842)

  • GETANGLE: Inappropriate prompt is shown on cancelling the command. (R-3004)

  • GETANGLE: Command should not terminate when required entity is not specified as input. (R-3013)

  • File explorer: Texts overlaps in the header section on small devices. (R-3032)

Version: 18.3.108
Release date: August 17th, 2018


  • Terms of Use updated

  • Localization updated


  • Feedback: Call the new support feature directly from inside the document if it is enabled

  • GETANGLE: German and Japanese translation is missing for command GETANGLE inside the right side menu bar

  • ARES Kudo: Crash on  open offline cached files in certain situations

  • Crash: Application crashes in certain situations when ARES Touch is opened from a third party or system application on devices with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or highere.g. Mail attachments

  • Crash: Application crashes in certain situations when showing results of inquiry commands on devices with Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher 

Version: 18.3.69
Release date: July 5th, 2018


  • Subscribe to ARES Touch and get The ARES Trinity of CAD

  • GETANGLE: A new command to measure angles has been added

  • Dropbox: Access your entire cloud drive

  • Feedback: Contact us even faster in case of questions or suggestions

  • File explorer: Filter your directories for drawing content with "Show drawings only"

  • CLOUD: There is now the possibility to change the radius for clouds via the right side menu

  • Settings: A new dialog was introduced to allow you to configure non-drawing-specific content

  • Localization updated


  • PICTURENOTE: Externally referenced link remains inside drawing when picture note symbol is deleted

  • PICTURENOTE: Images have the wrong orientation when taken by the camera on some devices

  • Crash: Removing the permission for accessing the local storage via the device settings

  • ARES Kudo: Cached drawing is deleted on placing a drawing with the same name on the same cloud file path

  • POLYLINE: Command terminates suddenly on quick tapping and calls command ZOOMFIT

  • Google Drive: The cloud button 'Three dots' is not visible in case of a successful connection when the application is reopened

  • Save Copy As/Rename: The application accepts 'ENTER' key and takes wrong multiline input while specifying a new file name

Version: 18.2.29
Release date: May 24th, 2018 


  • While saving a drawing the application shows a progress status

  • OFFSET: The command can be executed from the right sidebar menu. Modify -> Offset

  • Clouds: The command SAVE saves directly the opened drawing back to the cloud drive when the Internet is turned on


  • The "Help" button inside the command prompt mask does not invoke the corresponding help topic

  • The option "Repeat" does not work in certain situations

  • Polish texts in 'Quick Tour' were updated

  • POLYLINE: The command does not resume after invoking and closing 'ESnap' dialog

  • File explorer: Fast browsing back to the start page causes a broken view

  • ARES Kudo: Button "Open ARES Kudo" now directly forwards to "Storage"

  • ARES Kudo: Crash on opening an Onshape cloud-based file

  • Crash: When pressing on button OK in drafting settings dialog when any value is 0

Version: 18.1.124
Release date: Apr 12th, 2018 


  • GoogleDrive: Session handling improved


  • Cannot open drawings from mail attachments on devices with Android 8.0 or higher

  • Cannot open drawings from mail attachments when there is an active document

  • Layerlist does not activate layer when the entire row is clicked

  • Crash: Quick tour and Help view crashed in a certain situation

  • Crash: Bringing the application to foreground and background several times while the log-in page is active

  • Crash: File sharing on devices with Android 8.0 or higher

Version: 18.0.225
Release date: Apr 3rd, 2018


  • Dropbox: Re-linking does not work when the connection was recently removed

  • Dropbox: Cannot overwrite a local drawing with file option "Save to my local files"

Version: 18.0.187
Release date: March 1st, 2018 


  • Application freezes in document view when Quick Tour or Help was opened first on devices running Android 8.0 or later

  • VOICENOTE: Buttons do not reset after completing the voice note

  • PICTURENOTE: 'Name' stripe is placed over the image in full mode

  • PICTURENOTE: A hidden image frame is added in drawing on canceling the command

  • Crash: Attempting to connect to Google Drive on devices running Android 6.0 or older

  • Crash: Old license types or leaving the application from login page with system back button

  • Crash: Application crashes when app icon is clicked again after sending the application to the background for devices running Android 4.3 or older

Version: 18.0.143
Release date: Feb 1st, 2018 


  • New Quicktour with clear information and animated topics

  • New command FREESKETCH to draw quickly custom annotations on a dedicated layer

  • Results of inquiry commands remain visible and can be copied to the clipboard

  • POWERTRIM: New command option 'Corner' added

  • ESnap settings can be configured with new a dialog

  • Drawing mode "Simple view" removed and "Start Trial" button replaced with "Free Simple Mode"

  • Added support to abort downloading of externally referenced files

  • Application permissions introduced for all devices with Android 6.0 and higher


  • Line color dialog: Does not preserve color settings properly

  • "Save Copy As" and "Rename" options become broken when a new drawing is added

  • POWERTRIM does not terminate on tapping on 'OK' button

  • Box: Shows message about creating application folder while browsing in subfolders

  • DCL files cannot be loaded successfully

  • A blank welcome page shows up on certain devices

  • Google Drive: Missing file option 'Send a link'

  • Crash: Pack and share lead to crash the application on a Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Version: 17.2.81
Release date: Sep 28th, 2017


  • Help: Polish help added

  • New drawing: New files in the local file system are created in the last browsed folder

  • Blocks: Removed inappropriate message box when tapping on OK without specifying any block name in make block dialog

  • Images: Images picked from gallery now treated in the correct format


  • Tapping on 'Freeze Layer' button does not activate -LAYER command options

  • Application crashes if you fail to connect to Box storage after several times

  • Side menu entry "Arc Length" of Dimensions is cropped in Simple Mode

  • Dropbox and Google Drive: File options do not respond if the chosen drawing is not opened once

  • Full mode of picture note is broken for old references

  • Crash: When you attempt to connect to Box after several times

Version: 17.1.265
Release date: Aug 30th, 2017


  • File Explorer with brand new design

  • Enhanced support for Google Drive or Box: Browse all your folders from the File Explorer

  • Enable/Disable ESnap functionality in the ESnap Settings dialog

  • Exported PDF files remain visible in My local files > Drawings > Exports

  • INSERTBLOCK: Block preview was added to the dialog

  • SAVEAS command adds DWG extension automatically


  • User input mask does not show help, the ESnap settings and coordinate type options for all devices

  • Dropbox: Cannot download picture note in specific drawings (legacy issue)

  • File explorer shows the wrong icon for "My Dropbox files"

  • Scrolling inside the file explorer mess up entry list ( separators can be clicked as well )

  • Box: Back folder features only jumps back to "Start Page", subfolders do not work

  • Creating the preview of native images ( no DWG thumbnails ) slows down file explorer significantly

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