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Below you can find the Historic of Release Notes (per version/release).

For all newer ARES Kudo Releases please have a look into our Release Note Collection.

--- Older Releases only ---

Build Release 1.101- Release 26/082019


  1. Browser navigation button do not open drawing when Sign Up through View Only link

  2. 'Sign Up' does not work in Incognito window of Morzilla Firefox

  3. Unable to connect to Box/Onshape/Trimble/Dropbox/OneDrive account on Firefox

  4. Commenting: Entities cannot be added with spacebar for drawing in Viewer mode

  5. WebDAV: Unable to open files having certain special characters in name 

  6. Cursor does not change when access toolbar commands having sub options after opening drawing menu

  7.  Ctrl + Z option for undo while power trimming entity is not working.

  8. Leader setting is not available

  9. Dialog for warning message of unsupported OLE Object is broken

  10. Sheets in the PDF are downloaded based on the sorting in Print to PDF dialog

  11.  Gradient display is broken

  12. Extra horizontal scroll bar is shown in Print to PDF dialog for Firefox/Edge browser

  13. File creation/upload button are available for folder shared with Viewer rights

  14. Unable to access shared files and folders : OneDrive for Business

  15. Kudo login page not loaded when opened first time in browser

New Functionality:

  1.  Centerlines: Centerline command is now available in Kudo 1.101 release. This  command allow user to construct centerline between pairs of Lines, Arcs and Polyline segments.

  2.  Support copying/pasting of entities from one drawing to another one: Now user can copy the entities from one drawing to another drawing. User can copy the entities from one drawing using Ctrl+C or  "Copy to Clipboard" through RMB and paste it into another drawing using Ctrl+V or "Paste" or "Paste to Active Layer" through RMB.

  3.  Entity Snaps (ESnaps): Entity Snaps is very useful tool to detect and snap to points on drawing entities. After defining the 1st point of entity user can open ESnap RMB menu using "Shift+RMB" . 

  4. Auto adjustable Menu: Now toolbar's menu is automatically adjusted as per screen resolution and height. 

  5. Added notification for view only link if user activates the "Allow viewers to export as PDF" from "Permission" dialog

Build No. 1.99- Release 2/07/2019


  1. Permission dialog, File/ Folder creation dialog or WebDAV integration dialog is opened and if user clicks outside the dialog then dialog used to be closed. This issue has fixed. 

  2. Kudo used to be logged out on clicking "Privacy Policy" and "Buy" button. This issue has fixed. 

  3. Performance of creating new drawing has improved. It takes less time to close the "Drawing creation dialog". Which eventually results in faster user interaction. 

  4. In previous versions of Kudo, user was not able to stop the uploading process, after clicking the "Cancel" button, drawing used to be uploaded. This issue is fixed in this release.

  5. For Box and Dropbox, "Move" option for folder was missing, due to which user was not able to move the folder from one to another.  Now this option is available for Box and Dropbox

  6. There was a problem that user could not create  a new folder/ file if name of the folder/ file contains the special character ".". This issue is fixed in this release.

  7. "Orbit'' button in paper space is meant for only user enters into viewport. In View-Only drawing user could not enter into view port. Which means "Orbit" should be disabled for view only drawings for paper space. This issue is fixed in this release.

  8. Commenting: Messages were not displayed properly when user removes all filters from commenting, which leads to difficulty in reading the message. This issue is fixed in this release.

  9. Storage was not getting activated when accessing 'MY Drawings' page after integrating WebDAV server, this issue is resolved in this release.

  10. "Undefined" tooltip was displayed when mouse hover an entity, this issue is resolved in this release.

  11. File from deleted folder used to be accessed from recent files. This was incorrect behavior which is fixed.

  12. User used to be a part of company after removing from organization. This was incorrect behavior which is fixed.

New Functionality:

  1. Ability to assign page layout to multiple sheets in ''Print to PDF" dialog.  User can create multiple page layouts. This new functionality will help user to assign page layout to multiple sheets using 'Print to PDF" dialog and create the PDF's in one go. 

  2. User can specify the area of the drawing to be printed under the range section of "Page Layout". 

  3. New Kudo login page is available, which will help user to understand the product in a better way using the options like "Quick Tour" , "What is ARES Kudo" . Intercom button is available in new user interface of the login page which will help user to get quick support for queries. 

Build No. 1.97- Release 22/05/2019


1. Commenting is not working for View-Only link when login with an account having no storage connected 

2. Unable to cancel the uploading process 

3. Browser navigation button does not work when logging in through View Only link 

4. SSO: Login to View Only link with an account having no storage connected do not direct to the drawing  

5. The user with View Only link is getting a notification for all the comments 

6. Change notifications are not generated for WebDAV 

7. WebDAV Next Cloud: Files are opening in View Only mode  

8. Commenting: Comments are getting lost while renaming the file - WebDAV 

9. Files are opening in View Only mode: WsgiDAV and SabreDAV WebDAV server 

10. Menu removed from Profile drop-down when navigated back to drawing after accessing the menu  

11. Permission icon is lost on opening drawing in a new tab and switching storage 

12. PDF Export: The checkboxes are unselected by default 

13. WebDAV: Renaming a file do not update Recent file section 

14. WebDAV: Unable to open a drawing after rename

15. WebDAV: Unable to open drawing from Recent Files 

16. Kudo crashes when any dialog is opened and change notification comes 

17. Commenting: Unable to delete comment created through View Only link with an account having no storage connected 

18. Area notification dialog is not visible on the drawing which has Architectural units 

19. Layer Manager: Line Color / Line Style / Line Weight / Transparency dropdown should be handled by a single click 

20. Unknown prompt in the command window when accessing the dimension palette 

21. Box storage: Opening shared file from Recent panel redirect to oauth page 

22. WebDAV: File upload and creation button are missing inside a folder  

23. Commenting: Comment notifications of previously opened drawings are shown in a new drawing 

24. Commenting: Unnecessary message displayed while reopening resolved comments of other 

25. Navigation button of a browser does not follow the proper workflow for drawings inside the folder 

26. Undefined tooltip when mouse hover an entity 

New Functionality: 

1. UI improvements in the user menu 

2. Commenting: 'Remove Deleted Entities' are available only when all the entities attached to comments are deleted 



Build No.1.95 - Release 18/04/2019


1. 'Allow Viewers to Export PDF' button is missing  

2. Broken Comment panel is shown when opening through View Only Link - Unable to comment on PL 

3. Folder disappears after rename 

4. Folder icon does not change for shared folders

5. Crash on Smart select 

6. Command gets canceled when activating another viewtile 

7. Commenting: While editing the comment, if the user does refresh then "More Options" and "Resolve" buttons gets disabled.

8. Commenting: Unable to add an entity to comment in the different selection cycle 

 9. When a dimension is selected and the palette is active, the properties panel says there is no selection

10. The dimension palette doesn't disappear when moving away from the cursor 

11. Unable to navigate other pages due to the wrong URL of the controls while a search result is open  

12. Changes in the language of Kudo to Japanese not reflected until reloading the browser window. 

13. Command Line output breaks after @-character input for relative coordinate input

14. Broken polyline arc generation when ORTHO is ON

15. Commenting: Esc key cancels the dialog when trying to cancel the new thread

16. Unable to see the view background

 17. DIM Icon doesn't populate immediately for ALL dimension except SMART dimension creation

18. Dimension palette icon is not updating the location near to the cursor 

19. Permissions can be accessed for Onshape folders from the search page


New functionality:

1. Ability to comment on the drawing opened by "VIEW-ONLY LINK".

2. Single sign-on → SSO is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access ARES commander, ARES Kudo, ARES touch and customer portal

3. Kudo "Onshape" storage shows folders in the document list.

4. The user can set the preferences (Background color of the Model Space in Viewer/Editor- Black/White) for  "VIEW-ONLY LINK" 

Build No.1.93 - Release 05/03/2019


1. "Show Location" function on "Recent" panel doesn't work right after moving a file from a subfolder to the root folder

2. Commenting: “Zoom to” switches to the correct sheet but the tab on the status bar is not updated

3. Comment description is not updated on time after it's changed in ARES Commander

4. An entity is deleted when press DEL in a field with a value of its property on Properties Panel

5. Hatch: "OK" button is active even the hatch boundary is not specified

6. "Move" function should not be available for Onshape storage

7. Contextual menu remains on the screen in the list of files after cancelling the selection by ESC

New functionality:

1. An ability to add/remove entities on comments is added

2. Onshape folders are supported now

 Build No.1.92 - Release 12/02/2019


1. Files inside a folders are not uploaded when drag and drop folder from desktop

2. Error while renaming a template

3. Change notifications are not generated for drawings opened by View-Only links from Dropbox storage

New functionality:

1. Commenting of drawings is available now

2. Kudo for Onshape: Support opening of DWG 2018 drawings

 Build No.1.91 - Release 21/01/2019


1. Pagination in the list of files doesn't work properly in some cases when the number of files is big enough

2. If open a trash folder while switching storage account, trash content is not listed correctly and Google Drive account is getting disconnected

3. "Permissions" dialog is accessible for a drawings stored in Onshape storage. Note: Permissions can be set up for Onshape Documents only

4. Getting editing permissions in Kudo Viewer does't work properly in some cases with Dropbox and WebDAV storage

5. "Invalid keyword" notification is shown in command when enter text for a Leader entity

6. WebDAV storage: Moving a file to a folder which includes a file with the same name overlaps existing file

7. Insert Block: There is no warning message when an invalid values of params are entered by uses

8. Need to press Enter two times to finish a command in some cases

9. The list of references is not updated immediately on detaching an image

New functionality:

1. Dropbox storage: a separate files shared with the current user are hidden in Kudo now. Note: the reason is that any operations with such a files are blocked in Dropbox.

 Build No.1.90 - Release 24/12/2018


1. Name is not updated in "Recent" panel after renaming of a file

2. Trimble Connect: "Permission" icon is missing for a Project

3. Drawing sharing in OneDrive does not respect the role (viewer/editor)

4. Renaming of a folder in another storage redirects to "oauth" page when switch to Dropbox storage

5. The size of "Layer" panel is not saved

6. "Crosshairs" cursor is shown instead of "Pickbox" when a selection prompt is active

7. "Bold" and "Italics" font options don't work for "DejaVu Sans" font

8. "Coordinates" field in the status bar doesn't show "z" value

New functionality:

1. Insertion of a drawing into another drawing as a block is supported now

2. "Grid" command and its options is enabled

3. View-Only mode: same colors of highlight/selection as used in Editing mode are used now

4. Sharing of files is disabled for Trimble Connect

 Build No.1.89 - Release 07/12/2018


1. Shade mode is not saved correctly in a drawing

2. Changes are not reflected automatically in viewer while editing a drawing opened from WebDAV and OneDrive storage

3. "Weld" command fails to join the lines

4. The list of layers in "Layers" panel is not rendered correctly in some cases

5. "Collapsed" state of "Properties" and "Layers" panels is not saved as a user preferences

6. Error message is shown when resizing/collapsing "Properties" and "Layers" panels in view only mode

7. "Permissions" dialog is improved for the case if there are no sharing options available

New functionality:

1. Polar Guides' settings and ESnap settings are saved as a user preferences now

 Build No.1.88 - Release 31/10/2018


1. There are no thumbnails for files stored in WebDAV storage

New functionality:

1. Some improvements to the toolbar (new buttons) and to the panels (resizeability) of Viewer/Editor

 Build No.1.87 (combined with 1.86) - Release 17/10/2018


1. Wrong message type is used on error with WebDAV connection

2. Wrong trial message is shown during the last day of trial

3. Unable to open drawing from Dropbox right after renaming

4. Thumbnail on "Recent" panel is not updated when the corresponding file is updated

5. Loading of long lists of files from Google Drive: the list jumps (re-sorts) when load a next page

6. Search keyword should be highlighted in the search results

7. Google Drive: Kudo connects to the storage account despite the connection was cancelled

8. Wrong message when a referenced drawing is not found

9. Old drawing's name is shown in tooltip after editing of the name while a drawing is active

10. The preview of an arc is invisible after picking the second point when running Arc command

11. Wrong cursor is shown when a point input is required

12. The preview of a line is invisible in some cases during grip editing

13. Not all the grip points are available for Polylines

14. 3dconnection errors should not be shown in console (important for OEM version of Kudo)

15.Error when run InsertBlock command

16. PictureNote is not shown in some cases

New functionality:

1. Using of custom line styles (*.lin files stored in a cloud storage) within LineStyle command is enabled

2. Selecting of specific layouts and modelspace is available when export to PDF

3. Changes to opening of Kudo Viewer/Editor in mobile web browsers are done: Editing mode is disabled, Properties Panel is hidden

4. WebGL test is embedded directly into Kudo Viewer/Editor (important for OEM version of Kudo)

5. Full file path is shown in a tooltip now when a drawing is opened in Viewer/Editor

6. Spinner is shown when search is in progress

7. Help is enabled in Kudo for Onshape

8. Context menu for a files on "Recent" panel is enabled

9. A drawing is removed from "Recent" panel if that drawing is deleted or un-shared or if a storage is disconnected

 Build No.1.85 - Release 12/09/2018


1. "Quick Tour" video should be shown in a box, not full size

New functionality:

1. New "Recently opened files" panel is added (allows to access drawings quickly)

2. ARES Kudo is available for all the users with all kinds of expired licenses now (with some limitations - no editing, no view-only links)

3. An additional license check when opening a drawing by view-only link is added (it checks if user who shared that link still has an active license)

4. "Team folders" in DropBox Business are supported now

5. The way of getting entities' properties in view-only mode is improved, the corresponding button is added to the toolbar

6. "Stretch" command is added to the menu and to the toolbar

7. "Download" options are added to the new "File" menu

 Build No.1.84 - Release 23/08/2018


1. Draw order of some blocks is changed in some cases

2. Unable to open "Options" dialog for the second time

3. No session notification in the drawing when do logout on another browser's tab

4. OneDrive for Business: Unable to move a file to the root directory

5. Option dialog is scrolled up automatically when editing the richline style

6. Image appears in front of the view in some cases when exporting drawing to PDF

7. RMB PAN when running "Copy" command causes error

8. "Area by point" does not work

9. Wrong label on Pagelayout dialog - "Scale" instead of "Range"

New functionality:

1. "Preferences" functionality is developed (handling of background color of modelspace in Viewer/Editor)

2. Changes to the experience of new account creation are done

3. Changes to the experience with the expired trial accounts are done: now users can continue to work with ARES Kudo with some the limitations (no editing, no view-only links)

4. Some changes to the appearance of the system during the trial period are done

5. Some changes to the structure of the menu of Editor are done

6. Some changes to the UI of new drawing creation dialog are done

7. Banner with the notification about using cookies is shown now

 Build No.1.82 - Release 18/07/2018


1. File path is not visible in xRef browsing dialog

2. Wrong redirect to home page when click Home button in xRref browsing dialog

3. xRref browsing dialog expands beyond the screen

4. Unable to restore a deleted file in trash in Box storage at the first attempt

5. Incorrect behavior when user tries to delete drawing which is being edited

6. Unnecessary tech info is included into the message when login with expired trial account

7. It's possible to open a drawing for editing in Trimble Connect storage despite that drawing is checked out in the native UI

8. Unable to remove view only link in some cases

9. Unable to change email in Kudo Enterprise

10. 2nd level context menu stays on the screen in Editor after pressing ESC

11. Voicenote playing dialog is broken

12. The location of a block is shifted in some cases

13. Unable to select a point on an entity if that entity is overlapped by another entity with the highest draw order

 Build No.1.81 - Release 22/06/2018


1. Unable to cancel a command by ESC key

New functionality:

1. Integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business (

2. Integration with Trimble Connect (

3. Resetting of shared link when user turns it off and on

 Build No.1.80 - Release 30/05/2018


1. Empty error message when user tries to enter an Enterprise version with wrong login

2. Unable to create view-only links for some files stored in DropBox

3. Dimension palette icon is not updating the location with the dim selection

4. Background Override value is not saved within "Views" command

5. Wrong arrangement of properties on Properties Panel

6. UI problems in External Reference Browsing dialog

7. UI problems in Dimension panel when "Deviation" tolerance is chosen 

New functionality:

1. WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) connections support

2. Performance improvements for slow devices

 Build No.1.79 - Release 15/05/2018


1. Unable to start WebGL test when Kudo Editor is running

2. Error when open permissions dlg for a file in Box

3. Onshape storage: Folder is created as a new document

4. "Upgrade file session" dialog can't be closed by ESC

5. Wrong rendering of some symbols in Dim Palette

6. Dim Palette jumps with clicks on graphical area

7. Dim Palette: The drop-down arrows are overlapping with the text

8. On the first selection of dimension, Dim Palette appears far from that dimension

9. Viewport properties are always active regardless of viewport selection

10. Fillarea: Unable to set up specific value of transparency

11. Also: some improvements to the session handling are done in order to support the interaction with ARES Commander

New functionality:

1. Voice Note listening

2. Enterprise version of Kudo can be running as a Windows Service

 Build No.1.78 - Release 26/04/2018


1. "Viewport lock" option is read-only in properties palette

2. "Save as PDF in storage" doesn't work

3. "Paralledimension" command: Tracker line is not visible

4. Cursor disappears when select sub-options of selection

5. "-SIMPLENOTE" command is executed instead of "SIMPLENOTE"

6. Unable to collapse the properties panel by Esc key after activating ROLLVIEW

7. Some cosmetic changes in "Permissions" dialog are done

New functionality:

1. New session handling mechanism is implemented: User can close his/her editing session remotely and start new one.

2. Kudo Editor is enabled for all the users.

3. The system detects the problems with WebGL automatically now (user can run WebGL test from user's menu as well).

 Build No.1.77 - Release 30/03/2018


1. The preview area in the dialogs like Hatch is scrolled when changing the settings

2. Poor preview of dimension (when creating) in some cases

3. Dim panel icon is not shown immediately for some types of dimensions

4. Search for drawings: the minimum number of characters should be 2, not 3

5. Inactive buttons in the table toolbar are not visible

New functionality:

1. Japanese localization support

 Build No.1.76 - Release 20/03/2018


1. Referenced drawing disappears after updating of drawing shared by public (shared) link

2. Unable to attach drawing/image to a drawing if it's opened from the root folder

3. Wrong message when login with account with expired extended trial

4. Kudo hangs if clicks "home" button to move to the root folder from search results

5. Onshape storage stops working in ARES Commander after session timeout

6. Unable to close properties panel in Viewer by ESC

New functionality:

1. Thumbnails in User Interface

2. Optional Export capability when share drawings

3. New design of Dimension Palette in ARES Kudo Editor

 Build No.1.75 - Release 21/02/2018


1. Drag-n-Drop to upload is not working for Onshape storage

2. Properties manager: Unable to check/uncheck any check box by clicking on highlighted area

3. xRefs support: Some contextual menu items are not working in xRefs panel

4. xRefs support: Reference files are disappeared when reload all

5. xRefs support: Reloading doesn't update attached drawing

6. The size of icons on the status bar is different

7. LineScale parameter spinbox doesn't work

New functionality:

1. Microsoft OneDrive storage support

2. SAML authentication support

3. Custom Templates

4. Improvements to Grip Editing performance in ARES Kudo Editor

5. Windows installer of ARES Kudo OEM

 Build No.1.74 - Release 25/01/2018


1. Storage name is not highlighted after removing of storage account

2. Box storage: Unable to restore drawings from Trash

3. Box storage: Wrong redirect to "Storage" page in some cases

4. References: "Saved path" field is empty in the dialog if referenced file is not found

5. LWDISPSCALE is not taken into consideration correctly when turning LineWeight ON

6. Unable to select dimensions by selection window after switching to a sheet by DblClick

7. Unable to open context menu in drawings after opening and closing of Sheet Flyout

8. Terminating ORBIT command either from ESC or ENTER resets orientation to the previous state

9. Note editing: Bold and Italic are active for .shx fonts

New functionality:

1. Onshape storage support

2. Getting 5 additional days of trial for expired ARES Commander's trials

3. Microsoft Edge web browser is supported now (with some performance limitations in Viewer/Editor)

 Build No.1.73 - Release 20/12/2017


1. Wrong format for validation message for expired account

2. Unable to upload a folder to Dropbox by drag n drop

3. Unable to remove external storage on the first attempt

4. Safari: Zoom is too fast with mouse scroll

5. The view is changed back to default after ORBIT and switching between model and sheet

New Functionality:

1. Shade View options are available in Viewer and Editor

 Build No.1.72 - Release 11/12/2017Fixes:

1. Missing "Create new drawing" button

2. Kudo doesn't remove GDrive account in first attempt

3. Note: The font list is not showing the correct font

4. Broken display of geometry when change view

5. References palette expands over status bar

6. Fill angle doesn't correspond the preview

7. Pickbox doesn't get active when open Properties Panel

8. Can't restore any document from Trash folder

9. Kudo hangs if delete a drawing from "Search" page

10. No Storage name highlighted if connect new account

New Functionality:

1. Opening drawings with external references by shared links (even if referenced files are not shared).

2. Improved Zoom/pan performance (noticeable with heavy drawings).

3. Automatic Box token renewal.


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