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G-Electrical DraftSight Plugin Activation
G-Electrical DraftSight Plugin Activation

Register and Activate your G-Electrical. Activation, license, activate plugin, installation.

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For information on the installation and product activation of the G-Electrical Plugin, (for Trials or purchased permissions keys) please refer to the:

Download the G-Electrical Plugin from the download page here:

After install, you can enjoy a 30 days free trial.

Some important things to know about your trial:

a) DraftSight 2021 SP0 Professional or Enterprise (or later) is required;

b) The plugin will add side palettes and ribbon tabs specific to the plugin. The most important thing to understand is that this software relies on both geometries (as usual in DraftSight) AND a database (for the components and electrical project). In order to connect both, it is required to start from the ribbon tab "GE Start" where you can start a new drawing or open an existing project. If you use DraftSight's traditional new or open commands you won't be able to use the electrical CAD features from G-Electrical.
If you go to GE Start ribbon and choose Open, it will open by default a folder where you can find some project samples to get you started. If you start a new project you will be invited first to select the standards you want to use;

c) In GE View you will find buttons to show/hide the main palettes. For a better understanding, you can try this with the existing samples. You will, for example, see the components, cables or wires libraries as side palettes (by default on the left)and the project or pages palettes (by default on the right). Finally, you will find in GE Start and GE Modify most of the features you need. GE Manage includes some more tools for customization and settings;

💡TIP: You can learn more about the features of G-Electrical from this video:

For additional reference, the Help files can be found under the G-Electrical pull-down menu.

📖INFO: G-Electrical has a dedicated Knowledge Base for reference, that can be found here:

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