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ARX, DBX and CFx

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  1. What is the main difference between ARX, DBX and CFx? 

ARX and DBX are applications from the same developer. Although similar, the difference is that DBX is the same as ARX, but without UI: just database access.
CFx consists of two SDKs, one is coming from ODA (third party) and a Graebert SDK for C++. ODA simulates DBX and we add some useful API on top of it like ARX. ODA API is similar to DBX, but performs exception handling and command creation in s different way.

2. Is our new API for ARX (and DBX) compatible with CFx?

No, it isn't. Class structure is similar but functions used differ a bit.

 A big portion of their code has been done in CFx, so it would be much easier to migrate.

Written by A. Neumann

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