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5. iOS/Android Connect DISTO with SiteMaster
5. iOS/Android Connect DISTO with SiteMaster

iOS/Android SiteMaster Kitchen, Connect DISTO with SiteMaster

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How to connect a Leica DISTO to SiteMaster.

(The Leica handheld laser must have BTLE. Older Disto lasers, such as the Leica D3aBT, are not supported)

Start the SiteMaster Kitchen app

Step 1: After you have opened a drawing or created a new drawing, click on the laser symbol.

Step 2: Switch on your Leica Disto laser.
โ€‹Step 3: Your Leica Disto will now be displayed in SiteMaster.

Step 4: Click on your displayed Disto number to connect the Disto.

Red = Disto Laser is not connected

Blue = Disto Laser is connected


  • In order to transfer a value to the SiteMaster Kitchen from the laser, you must manually confirm the measured value with the blue Bluetooth button

  • You manually transfer the values from addition and subtraction to SiteMaster Kitchen by pressing the Bluetooth button on the laser two times.

Info: You can enable or disable the Manual Transfer option in the Laser Settings.

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