PDFImport for DraftSight – Retired Versions

With the changes to the DraftSight product offer (All free versions of DraftSight 2019 and earlier will cease to run after 12/31/2019 –See official notice here),and natural release schedule of the product,  At the end of the 2019, we will migrate your existing 2018 license to DraftSight 2019, so that you can seamlessly continue working. 

If for different reasons you do need to maintain an older version of PDFImport,we can exchange it with a product key for the DraftSight version installed. If this is the case, please contact us via [email protected] and sent you us your permission key. We will then disable your new 2019(or later) permission key and exchange it with a product key of PDFImport for your DraftSight version. 

Below,the Download Links of the PDFImport installers for:

Both above setups can be also used as 30 days trial version after user registration in the Graebert Customer Portal.

Installation and Activation Guides of PDFImport for:

Update Information for Version 2019:
Please uninstall any previous versions of PDF-Import for DraftSight via the Control Panel of Windows before installing version 2019 of this plugin.
Note that DraftSight 2019 SP1 is required for the update.

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