Version: 19.1.0 (861)
Release date: Oct 25th, 2019
iTunes: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & EditorĀ 


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved.
  • User input: ESnap options optimized. (R-3939)


  • VOICENOTE: It should not show 'Stop' button until tap on 'Play' button when play a voicenote. (R-3682)
  • UI: The command window title should be "Command window". (R-3874)
  • UI: The text area of the command window is half cut when the document history is empty. (R-3835)
  • UI: The layer list window does not disappear automatically when navigating back in right side menu. (R-1360)
  • UI: The user input mask does not fit properly when it is shown again after the device orientation has changed. (R-3776)
  • UI: Inappropriate gap between file browser settings and first list view entry on iOS 12 or later. (R-4073)
  • UI: The sheets window disappears every time when you change the layout. (R-4188)
  • UI: The icon for "Arc" -> "Start, End, Radius" appears in a wrong color. (R-4216)
  • Selection: It does not highlight the active selection mode. (R-2871)
  • Selection: Inappropriate prompt "Drag for selection" when using window selection. (R-4164)
  • Files: Remove unnecessary toast message. (R-1325)
  • Files: In case of renaming a file , the existing file name is not pre-highlighted to simplify keyboard actions. (R-3599)
  • Files: Creates an unnecessary copy in your cloud storage when you save a cloud drawing in your local storage (Drawings). (R-4024)
  • iCloud: Remove inappropriate message when accessing the iCloud folder for the first time. (R-4180) +++
  • iCloud: The busy-indicator of a file remains visible, every time you refresh the file browser manually. (R-4181)
  • One Drive: The application always opens a locally cached drawing and ignores the modified version of the same drawing on the cloud. (R-4238)
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