Version: 19.1.0 (582)
Release date:  Nov 14th, 2019
Google Play: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Devices: 64-bit support added.
  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved.
  • UI: File browser layout optimized for small devices. (R-4372,R-4373,R-4374,R-4375,R-4377)
  • User input: ESnap options optimized. (R-3939)


  • FREESKETCH: The command creates an entity with 0 length in certain cases. (R-2525)
  • CLOUD: The command returns <<Error>> and fails in certain drawings. (R-2746)
  • PICTURENOTE: *CRASH*: There is a drawing specific crash when you select/deselect a picture note symbol. (R-3959)
  • UI: The layer list window does not disappear automatically when navigating back in right side menu. (R-1361)
  • UI: The command window title should be "Command Window". (R-3874)
  • Files: There is no warning when a PDF file with the same name already exists. (R-1717)
  • Files: Creates an unnecessary copy in your cloud storage when you save a cloud drawing in your local storage (Drawings). (R-3987)
  • System: The undo/redo toast messages remain visible even when you close the drawing. (R-4257)
  • System: The device gallery is not updated after copying or deleting images from the applications file browser. (R-3928)
  • General Settings: Entities are not visible without refreshing the graphics area manually when changing the background color. (R-3826)
  • ARES Kudo: The application always opens a locally cached drawing and ignores the modified version of the same drawing on the cloud. (R-3161)
  • ARES Kudo: The application hangs after tapping on two non-locally cached documents in the file browser. (R-4139)
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