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ARES Commander 2019 SP3 ( Release Notes
ARES Commander 2019 SP3 ( Release Notes

ARES, Commander, 2019 SP3, Service Pack 3, Release Notes

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What's New in ARES Commander Release 2019 SP3
      Build No. - Release  19/11/2019
New Features:

  • Data Extraction - You can extract information from a set of entities to create bill of materials. (DESKTOP-50811)
    The Data Extraction wizard lets you specify a set of entities or blocks and extract properties and attributes information.
    You can display the result in a table on the drawing or save it in an external file that you can exchange with your colleagues.
    The ExtractData command opens the Data Extraction wizard.
    The available options let you:
    - Specify the set of drawings or folders.
    - Filter entities
    - Organize the extracted data
    - Specify an output format
    - Format the output data in a table
    The software saves the data source selections, entities and property selection and table formatting in a Data Extraction File (.det).
    Use as template any previously created data extraction file to perform the same type of extraction for another drawing.
    (The PDF-documentation of  the data extraction feature can be downloaded from here.)

  • New Option in Rotate Command - The Point option of the Rotate command lets you specify two points to define an imaginary line that will be rotated to a new angle.(DESKTOP-48409)

  • New Properties Painter Icon - When active, the PropertyPainter command displays an icon.(DESKTOP-83614)


  1. Stability improvements, while editing the table text in a specific file.(DESKTOP-85306)

  2. PURGE command improvements for a specific drawing that hangs up.(DESKTOP-84637)

  3. Polylines and arcs disappeared after zoom-in in a specific  drawing.(DESKTOP-83456)

  4. A hang-up issue with the EXPORTDRAWING command on specific drawing was fixed.(DESKTOP-83776)

  5. Display-improvements of polylines in a special drawing for Nvidia graphics adapters. (DESKTOP-8341)

  6. A specific linetype was not displayed correctly.(DESKTOP-85377)

  7. LISP: Command execution error occurred, when "()" was included in dimension text of LINEARDIMENSION (DIMLINEAR).  (DESKTOP-84038)

  8. The XREF Refresh option hangs in a specific drawing.(DESKTOP-85344)

  9. Arcs and blocks are not displayed on specific drawing. (DESKTOP-82248)

  10. The function vl-doc-export error "Error: Invalid parameter." has been fixed.(DESKTOP-83154)

  11. We added the missing fdtu_initdialog function definition in FDTU.H (DESKTOP-82812)


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