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Multiple Plugins are available for ARES Commander© (and other products), for Trial and for free. These plugins are segregated in our website by “host software”, with this meaning by software on which the plugin will run.

(From the home page of our website,) You can access the different plugins under “Stores”:

Under“Plugins”, select the product you have installed (ARES Commander, CorelCAD, DraftSight), and check the Plugins/Trials currently available. When available, you will have a “Free Trial” button next to the “Buy Now” button:

Ora “Download Now” button for the Free plugins:

Note: Some Plugins may require user registration/creation of a Graebert Account. Do consult the Plugin specific information/documentation for plugin specific requirements.

To create a Graebert Customer Account

For some products, in order to enjoy a product Trial or use a plugin, it is required that you create a Graebert account under

You can also do so using the option “Create Account” available in the Plugins Palette. If not visible, you can invoke the palette by typing PLUGINS in the command line, and pressing ENTER.

(Above, the “Create Account” option in DraftSight)

In ARES Commander, this option is available in the Start page (above). If this option is not visible, go to the top right of the ARES window, and Press “Login”to invoke the page (as below).

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