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The Maps Plugin is a Free Plugin available for ARES©Commander, DraftSight, and CorelCad, that lets you browse and insert maps into drawings once you have (registration required). The software is powered by ArcGIS Online from Esri. (For more information on ArcGIS Online visit

The installer of this plugin and Information concerning the features offered by can be found in here.

In order to use the plugin, it is required that you create a Graebert account under

or you can do so using the option “Create Account” available in the Plugins Palette.

Once this is done, to start using the product, Enter _PLUGINS in the command line window. press Enter and then login with the new credentials via the plugin panel at the right side of the drawing area.

NOTE: For ARES Commander, the ONLINE Maps Plugin is associated to the product subscription, and will only be valid/usable if the user holds a valid/active subscription of ARES Commander.

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