This article approaches how to import or export two categories inside“options” on G-Electrical. The process is done through a profile file which saves the information. This allows the user to send this files to other users and share your system options with another computers. 


To copy local addresses might not work as expected if there is any setting directed to an address of the computer user.
The directories might be accessible to both computers you would like to share, and might not have information linked to an specific computer only.
Ex.:C:/john/ […] would be an address accessible only on John’s computer, and is not shareable.
Ex. 2: P:/G-electrical/ […]would be a server address, accessible by network connection,therefore, is a shareable address.

Creating a profile file

  1. Access, on Classic interface, the tools tab > Options… > User preferences > aliases (or type _OPTIONS in the command line, and press Enter to access the options tab;

2.Click on export…;
3.Set a file name to export;
4.Click on save.

Import a profile file

1.Access, on Classic interface, the tools tab > Options… > User preferences > aliases;

2.Click on import;

3.Find the generated file on the previous step-by-step and click on Open.

Accomplishing these steps, you will import to files directories and the system options on the XML file.

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