Version: 20.0.0 (594)
Release date:  Feb 28th, 2020
Google Play: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved. You can now add predefined and custom markups to a drawing.
  • Trinity: Help topic about commenting feature added.


  • MAKEBLOCK: Crash or freeze when creating a block that contains a picture note symbol. (R-4111)
  • FREESKETCH: Free sketched entities is not exported to PDF. (R-4408)
  • VOICENOTE: While playing the voice note the input bar remains visible. (R-4418)
  • VOICENOTE: The app crashes when you deny the microphone permission and tap on OK or CANCEL button. (R-4478)
  • GRIPEDIT: Returns <<Error>> when tapping on 'Grip Edit' option again directly after finishing. (R-2890)
  • PDFEXPORT: JPG images are not visible in PDF files. R-4608
  • Display: Korean text is not displayed correctly. (R-4603)
  • Display: Grip size is bigger in comparison with iOS version. (R-4256) 
  • Blocks: Crash on creating a block reference that contains a picture note symbol. (R-4774)
  • Files: Message on file open (Code page conversion is not possible because there is no conversion table for ansi_949.) R-4602
  • File browser: Show a warning message to confirm on deleting a file. (R-4483)
  • File browser: The back button stops working in certain situations ( e.g. Galaxy Tab S6 ). (R-4767)
  • File browser: Changing the orientation switches automatically to the start page. (R-4398) 
  • File browser: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you navigate back to root folder quickly via file browser back button. (R-4853)
  • ARES Kudo: Random crashes fixed.
  • ARES Kudo: Always opens a locally cached drawing and ignores the modified version of the same drawing available on the cloud. (R-3161)
  • UI: Text input in Korean reverts to English. (R-4605 / R-4903)
  • UI: Command keywords disappear in some certain situations. (R-4607)
  • UI: Show spinner while the first drawing scene is rendered. (R-4778)
  • UI: Runtime 'Esnaps' menu dislocates on changing the device orientation. (R-4772)
  • UI: Application crashes on continuously specifying points in some commands (Android 9). (R-4898)
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