FAQ: How can large companies best use ARES Kudo?

Advantages of a cloud-based CAD solution for large companies

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In contrast to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large companies are usually subject to stricter confidentiality and security regulations. But many of these companies are already using cloud solutions for their activities and are currently working on enabling CAD processing from their home office using older methods such as VPN or virtualization (Citrix, VMWare). 

The advantage of a cloud-based solution like ARES Kudo is that it:

  • is easier to set up (no installation, just start)

  • offers advantages for collaboration (such as commenting, view-only links, etc.)

  • is secure (ARES Kudo runs on AWS servers that ensure operation)

If no cloud solution has been used so far, the Gräbert customer service will be happy to help you select a suitable cloud server and set it up accordingly.

ARES for Enterprise: ARES Kudo supports SSO (Single Sign On). This means that an ARES Kudo can be used for a large number of users without the Graebert login mechanism having to be used. Other authentication mechanisms such as Microsoft Login (Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services) can be used to log in.

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