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DraftSight PDFImport (up to 2019) vs DraftSight PDFImport Neo (2019 SP3, 2020 onwards)
DraftSight PDFImport (up to 2019) vs DraftSight PDFImport Neo (2019 SP3, 2020 onwards)

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DraftSight PDFImport (up to 2019) vs DraftSight PDFImport Neo (2019 SP3, 2020 onwards)

The recent release of the DraftSight PDF Import plugin for 2020, carries some changes that may impact users, and or processes in place until now.

The first change it would be that the plugin is now available through a different E-store:

  • This change, although not impacting the duration of licenses, does affect the automatic license renewals that you may have set: Automatic renewals (previously set) via our MyCommerce/Share-it have been discontinued. This means that once your license reaches expiry date, it will not be renewed.

  • Earlier this year, you may have received a notification from MyCommerce/Share-it (our previous e-store), mentioning that the "subscription is cancelled": For clarification, this was poor choice of wording, and the subscription of the product is not impacted in any way, i.e. does not refer to the subscription of the product (that will maintain the expiry date).

  • Saying this, the change of E-store means that when your annual plan will expire you will have to visit again our Plugins for DraftSight store on to order the next 1 year license if you want to.

Version updates
Users under a valid/active subscription, that want to install DraftSight 2020 and the correspondent plugin version (DraftSight PDFImport Neo), can do so. If your plugin subscription is valid, it will be automatically updated: No additional steps are required (licensing wise), although we would recommend that prior to uninstall, that you Logout in the Plugin Palette in DraftSight. Once installed the new DraftSight and Plugin versions, Login again to enable the plugin.

Update Information for Version 2020:  Please uninstall any previous versions of PDFImport for DraftSight via the Control Panel of Windows before installing version 2020 of this plugin.

If your subscription has expired, was not renewed and you need to reinstall DraftSight and the plugin, you can find the installer for the DraftSight 2019 SP3 version here:

Note:  Versions previous to 2019 are no longer supported and no longer available.

Technical Changes
With DraftSight PDFImport Neo, there are also (background) technical changes to the plugin. We have identified some issues in the current release, result of these changes, and we are working in order to solve them in the near future: we trust that the technical changes to the plugin, overall will benefit all users.

We apologize for any confusion/inconvenience this may have caused..

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