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DraftSight PDFImport Neo Installation and Activation Guide (2019 SP3, 2020 onwards)
DraftSight PDFImport Neo Installation and Activation Guide (2019 SP3, 2020 onwards)

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Installing and activating PDFImport Neo for DraftSight

We offer a 30-days trial of PDFImport Neo for DraftSight plugin, so that users can  evaluate the plugin. In order to enjoy a trial, it is required that you create an Account in the Graebert Customer Portal. 

When you purchase a license of the PDFImport Neo plugin (within or after the trial period), you will receive a permission key which will allow you to activate the product.

To install the PDFImport Neo for DraftSight plugin:

  1. Make sure to close DraftSight before you start the installation.

  2. Run the downloaded PDFImport_for_DraftSight_xxxx.exe file (where xxxx specifies the release date).

  3. Click I agree to accept the License Agreement. Please wait while the plugin installs.

  4. Click Finish to close the setup wizard.

To activate the PDFImport Neo for DraftSight plugin as trial version or full version:

  1. Run DraftSight.

  2. If the Plugins palette  is not active, Type PLUGINS in the command line, and press Enter, to launch the Plugins palette.

  3. You will need a Graebert Account to activate the product. You can create an account in the Customer Portal (, or by using the "Create Account" button in the Plugins palette.

  4. To login to the Graebert Account, type your E-Mail address and Password, then click Next. Once your account was verified successfully, you will see your name, email address, and License type/expiry date/remaining days of trial.

  5. If or when you purchase the product, click the button "Activate", and insert the Permission Key you were provided at the time of your purchase: Click "Validate Permission Key" to conclude the process.

To uninstall the PDFImport Neo for DraftSight plugin:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Control Panel.

  2. Click Programs and Features.

  3. In the list, select PDFImport Neo for DraftSight and right-click.

  4. On the shortcut menu, click Uninstall.

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