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Testing the Application Using the Trial / Demo Version
Testing the Application Using the Trial / Demo Version

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Testing the Application Using the Trial/Demo Version

You can test ARES Commander by installing the trial version and make use off all the features available in the application.

You can download ARES Commander trial version from

The trial version is limited to a 30 days period:

  • For two days you can run the trial version without being registered.

  • For another 30 days you can run the trial version only if you create a Graebert Account.

After 30 days, the trial version reverts to a demo version which does not allow saving and printing.

Note: If the trial version is expired, ARES Commander will prompt you for login. Create a Graebert Account, if you are not registered yet in order to extend your trial. Then login to your account from the Licensing dialog box of ARES Commander. 

Characteristics of the 30-day trial version

  • You can save the drawings you create and edit (as .dwg and .dxf files).

  • You can also test ARES Kudo (your CAD viewer in the Cloud) and ARES Touch (your CAD application on mobile devices).

Characteristics of the demo version

  • You can view drawings (.dwg and .dxf files).

  • You cannot save drawings.

  • You cannot print drawings.

  • You cannot use ARES Kudo and ARES Touch.

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