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Understanding License Types - Annual Plan Licenses
Understanding License Types - Annual Plan Licenses

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Understanding License Types

This article is designed to help you choosing the license type that suits best to your needs.

You can choose from these license types for ARES software:

Annual Plan Licenses

An Annual Plan license is valid for one year (12 months) with the freedom to renew the license after. 

The Annual Plan is cost-effective compared to the price of a Perpetual License.

Buying an Annual Plan is a good method to give the software a try for one year or for a temporary project.

The Annual Plan includes:

  • ARES Commander – as a full license limited to 12 months

  • ARES Touch and ARES Kudo for one year (respectively the rest of the one-year duration)

  • Free updates to upcoming versions within a year (usually each quarter). Updates include: Service Packs, which are new builds of the same version that fix issues; Upgrade to the next major release with added functionality (if a new major release falls into the period of validity of the license)

  • E-mail support for one year (contact our technical support service at [email protected])

  • Freedom to renew the license for another 12 months at the current price of an Annual Plan

To buy an Annual Plan License online:

  • Follow the link/button "Purchase/Renew" in

Renewal of an Annual Plan license

The method to renew an Annual Plan is simply to buy a new one. If needed, you can add another Annual Plan in advance and it will add 12 months to your subscription. You can also assign multiple Annual Plans for the same user and they will be accumulated to get 2 years, 3 years… etc.

You are free to renew an Annual Plan license after one year to keep on updating the software and continue accessing e-mail support with all the features listed above.

If you do not renew the Annual Plan license, the permission to use the software ends (whereas a Perpetual License is unlimited, but without update and support service if you do not renew this type of license).

Some weeks before the Annual Plan ends, the software alerts you with a message, that the permission using the license ends.


A renewal adds 12 months to expiry date, for example:

  • If your Annual Plan was expired it was not working anymore. You get 12 months end of the month like for a new Annual Plan.

  • If your Annual Plan was not expired, 12 months are added (e.g. 3 + 12 = 15 months).

To renew an Annual Plan:

  • Follow the link/button "Purchase/Renew" in

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