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Understanding License Types - Perpetual Licenses
Understanding License Types - Perpetual Licenses

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Understanding License Types

This chapter is designed to help you choosing the license type that suits best to your needs.

You can choose from these license types for ARES software:

Perpetual Licenses

A Perpetual License is valid without time limitation, it is per se lifelong.

The Perpetual License is more expensive compared to the price of an Annual Plan but does not end after 12 months.

Buying this kind of license is an investment for long-term utilization of the CAD software.

The Perpetual License includes:

  • ARES Commander – as a full license which will never expire

  • ARES Touch and ARES Kudo for one year (respectively the rest of the one-year duration)

  • Free updates to upcoming versions within a year (usually each quarter). Updates include: Service Packs, which are new builds of the same version that fix issues. Upgrade to the next major release with added functionality (if a new major release falls into the period of validity of the license)

  • E-mail support for one year (contact our technical support service at [email protected])

  • Freedom to renew update and e-mail support for another 12 months at a low price

To buy a Perpetual License online:

Renewal of free updates and e-mail support

If you want to keep on updating your Perpetual License and continue accessing e-mail support with all the features listed above, you will need to renew this service any time within a 13 month period.

When the first 12 month period of the Perpetual License ends:

  • ARES Commander is fully functional, but you receive no more updates and upgrades to annual major releases and loose access to the technical support service.

  • The free use of ARES Kudo and ARES Touch expires.


A renewal adds 12 months of update and support service to the expiry date, for example:

  • If the update and support service has 3 months left = 15 months left

  • If the update and support service was expired 3 months ago = 9 months left

  • If the update and support service was expired more than 12 months ago it is less expensive to buy an upgrade (cost = 50 % of new license)

To keep update and support service for a Perpetual License:

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