Understanding License Types

This chapter is designed to help you choosing the license type that suits best to your needs.

You can choose from these license types for ARES software:

Flex Licenses

A Flex License provides the ability to share it with multiple users in several locations in a network.

Flexlicenses can be shared between concurrent users or computers on the same network to reduce the number of licenses and costs.

A Flex License

  • lets you share the license with others on a network simultaneously (according to the maximum number of client users).

  • a single user can use the same license on different computers but not simultaneously.

  • a user can open several instances of the software on the same computer.

  • allows you to take away the license for a defined period if you need to work outside of the network (Borrow License mode)

  • is valid without time limitation (with the freedom to renew annual update and support service after 12 months)

Note: A Flex License requires a minimum quantity of 3 floating licenses shared on a same network.

A Flex License includes:

  • ARES Commander – as a full license which will never expire

  • ARES Touch and ARES Kudo for one year (respectively the rest of the one-year duration)

  • Free updates to upcoming versions within a year (usually each quarter). Updates include: Service Packs, which are new builds of the same version that fix issues; Upgrade to the next major release with added functionality (if a new major release falls into the period of validity of the license)

  • E-mail support for one year (contact our technical support service at [email protected])

To buy a Flex License and to keep annual update and support service:

Note: Information concerning the administration of Flex Licenses is provided by a separate document about the NetworkLicense Manager (NLM).

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