What is FastSpring?

FastSpring is a United States-based seller of digital goods specialized in safe and secure internet sales, compliant with PCI and that employs Verisign SSL Certificates. FastSpring is registered with the EU through a special scheme setup for companies outside the EU. FastSpring’s VAT number is EU826012240 and it begins with EU because FastSpring is located in the United States, not in a European Union member state.

Why is the Seller's Invoice Address FastSpring?

As a dealer and seller of Gräbert products, FastSpring buys products and services and sells these products or services on to the end customer. For this reason, FastSpring's seller address is also included on the invoice.

The FastSpring invoice can be claimed as input tax deduction.

Verifying FastSpring's Local Tax Registration

FastSpring's EU VAT Number EU826012240

Many companies have a VAT that begins with the two-letter language ISO 639-1 code indicating where their company is located. FastSpring's VAT number is EU826012240. The number begins with "EU" because FastSpring is located in the United States, not in a European Union member state.

As a result, you cannot verify the VAT number of FastSpring by the usual VAT validation services. If you need to verify it, please contact the Mutual Assistance Office (a sub-department of the local VAT collection agency) in your local EU country. Each of those local offices has a database that can verify this type of VAT ID.

Further Notes about VAT and Sales Tax can be found on the FastSpring Documentation via this link here.


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