Be a part of the ARES Kudo focus group

As some businesses reopen, most professional activities that need in-person collaboration will be halted for upcoming months. Hence, Graebert offered free access to Cloud-based CAD ARES Kudo until the end of June 2020.

Moreover, if any user who has used ARES Kudo for the first-half of 2020 will get the chance to extend their free trial by the end of December 2020 when the join Graebert’s focus group for ARES Kudo. Members of the ARES Kudo focus group will be expected to share their experience of using Cloud-based CAD ARES Kudo. Your valuable feedback will help shape the future of CAD.

How can I join the ARES Kudo Focus Group?

To be a part of the ARES Kudo Focus group. Just sign-in to your ARES Kudo account and open a drawing before 30 June 2020. If you meet the criteria to join the focus group, you will receive an email with an invitation. Until then, you may use ARES Kudo for free.

How Online CAD solutions can transform and improve your business?

ARES Kudo is a first of its type of Cloud-based CAD offering a full set of features to create and modify DWG drawings directly in your Internet browser.

Click on the link to find more information about how ARES Kudo can transform and improve your business on our blog:

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