Version: 20.1.0 (604)
Release date: June 29th, 2020
Google Play Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved. You can now add voice recordings.
  • Selection: New highlighting effect.
  • Performance: OpenGL ES support 3.0+


  • MATCHLAYER: The command is not recognized. (R-4841)
  • CLOUD: Cloud > Radius doesn't work. (R-5060)
  • INSERTBLOCK: You cannot exit the dialog after you have enabled uniform scale and entered 'x' = 0.5 ( or any decimal value ). (R-5248)
  • UI: Save As: Existing name is not correctly highlighted if there are multiple "." characters in name. (R-4865)
  • UI: Selection controls remain active after entities are deselected via grip points. (R-5009)
  • UI: Long command name appears in two lines in 'Run Command' list. (R-4715)
  • UI: Runtime 'Esnaps' menu dislocates on changing the device orientation. (R-4772)
  • UI: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you navigate back to the root folder quickly via file browser back button. (R-4853)
  • ARES Kudo: WebDAV: Newly created and uploaded files lead to a broken view in the file browser. (RADON-5010)
  • Trinity: You can not log-out when you change your password. Kudo integrations cannot be accessed anymore. (R-5224)
  • Trinity commenting: *CRASH*: The app crashes when you open the commenting filter in the 2nd document again. (R-5209)
  • Trinity commenting: Android 9.0: Keypad overlaps the user defined stamp field in landscape mode and can't even scroll up the palette. (R-4904)
  • Trinity commenting: Markups title shows too much extra space on the top and the bottom side of picture recordings. (R-4830)
  • Trinity commenting: Tick icon in 'Filter & Sort' menu is comparatively larger with other controls. (R-4850)
  • Trinity commenting: Picture recordings show unnecessary empty space above and below the image. (R-4905)
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