Version: 20.1.0 (961)
Release date: June 29th, 2020
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Trinity: Commenting feature improved. You can now add voice recordings.
  • Selection: New highlighting effect.
  • Adaptions for iOS 13+.


  • MATCHLAYER: The command is not recognized. (R-4841)
  • CLOUD: Cloud > Radius doesn't work. (R-5060)
  • INSERTBLOCK: You cannot exit the dialog after you have enabled uniform scale and entered 'x' = 0.5 ( or any decimal value ). (R-5249)
  • UI: 'Expert Mode' button is cropped if the input bar is expanded during command. (R-5033)
  • ARES Kudo: Downloaded thumbnails are not displayed, scrolling temporarily stops when the folder contains many cached drawings and images. (R-4856)
  • Clouds: There is a wrong message when you open a drawing that is already opened from another platform. (R-4852)
  • Trinity: You can not log-out when you change your password. Kudo integrations cannot be accessed anymore. (R-5226)
  • Trinity commenting: The palette does not use the full length to show contents. (R-4829)
  • Trinity commenting: The palette keeps being empty when you open a new local or Kudo cloud file. (R-4851)
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