1. SMK 6.0: What's New

What's New, SiteMaster Kitchen v6

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The following changes have been made:

  • Improved Bluetooth connection with the Leica D2.

  • The interface has been updated with new icons and better adapts to higher screen resolutions. The new interface is more touch-friendly.

  • The last automatically saved backup drawing can now be restored via the Kitchen menu >>> Open Backup can be restored.

  • When importing a CARAT planning into the EGI, the company data that have already been entered under the customer data are retained.

  • New dimensioning style for obstacles, heating and symbols possible. The dimensioning in the wall views can now be displayed lined up next to or below each other.

  • Additional user-specific presets have been added to the SiteMaster defaults; Selection for an alternative symbol dimensioning, selection for displaying the text stamps in the floor plan and/or the wall view.

  • Default values for window sill can now be customized in the SiteMaster defaults.

  • Default values for heating, obstacle, tiles, etc. can now be customized in the SiteMaster defaults.

  • Commands for components such as door, window, niche, heater are now terminated after the component has been inserted. So the command will not start again.

  • In the SiteMaster preferences you can now set which sheets should be included in the PDF file.

  • Roof slopes can be defined with distance from the wall.

  • Wall views are now created automatically.

  • The sheet selection, e.g. measurement report or the photo pages, are now included together with the wall views at the top of the toolbar.

  • Objects such as door, window, heater, obstacle and the installation symbols can now be checked and adjusted directly in the wall view. The changes are then immediately displayed in the wall view.

  • With the command tie measure you can measure individual test dimensions with the laser. The test dimension is shown with a tape measure and can be freely placed in the floor plan and the wall view.

  • In the measurement report, you can now set and remove check marks in the boxes by double-clicking.

  • Photo frames have been added, which share a photo page for 4 photos. With double click you can insert photos into the frame.

  • General performance and handling improvements.

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