ARES Touch Release Notes (iOS)
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Version: 24.0.0 (2350)
Release date: April 22th, 2024
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Quick CAD editing on selection:

    Welcome our new feature to use your finger to directly modify the selection set.

    The feature starts with a swipe gesture and finishes when you release your finger.

    You can:

    - Move the selection set with swiping your finger within the selection zone

    - Scale the selection set with swiping your finger close to a corner point ( 4 directions )

    - Rotate the selection set with swiping your finger in an arcuate gesture close to the point with the curved arrow

    If you prefer grip editing please open general settings, and turn off "Quick entity editing with swipe gestures" from category "Grip Editing".

    If you need more precise results, subscribe and specify custom base point and displacement for MOVE, SCALE, ROTATE.

  • ARES Trinity: Cloud fields & QR codes

    Users can now combine ready-to-use QR codes and the new CLOUDFIELD command to easily insert inside your drawings links to specific versions of your drawing in the cloud. You may, for example, add a link to view online the latest version of a printed drawing, to ensure your contacts don‘t miss any updates. Alternatively, it could be a link to download the file as it was when it was printed.

    Info: Explore all benefits of our Trinity concept that combines the strengths of desktop computers, mobile devices and cloud computing into a unique CAD ecosystem.

  • User interface: Colored Icons in Dark UI Style

    Some users felt that our monochromatic dark-style interface could use a touch more pizazz, and we agreed.


  • ARES Kudo: Drawing modifications done on another platform are not reflected in ARES Touch. (R-7597)

  • ARES Kudo: Kudo editing session: Button and text is cropped in certain languages ( e.g. German ). (R-7655)

  • ARES Kudo: Kudo offline cache cannot be accessed anymore in certain situations. (R-7678)

  • ARES Kudo: XREFs with absolute path are not downloaded from the cloud automatically. (R-7689)

  • User interface: Icons in properties, layer list and sheets manager are blurry on devices with high resolution. (R-7612)

  • Graphics: 2D and 3D polylines with higher coordinates show grip points at the wrong position. (R-7608)

  • Graphics: Rendering issues of hatches, circles and arcs loaded as externally referenced file. (R-7636)

  • Trinity Block Library: Inserting certain blocks doesn't work and showing a toast with <<Error>>. (R-7651)

  • ARES Trinity: Taking over editing session: Client cannot open a new editor session. (R-7653)

  • System: Copyrights updated. (R-7659)

    Further fixes and improvements: R-7659 , R-7660 , R-7662

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