ARES Touch Release Notes (iOS)
Written by Thomas Haase
Updated yesterday

Version: 23.1.0 (2153)
Release date: November 16th, 2023
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Pattern:
    Use the pattern feature to create copies of specified entities( associative patterns not supported ). You can create:

    - a circular pattern by copying a specified entity around a specified center point

    - a linear pattern by specifying the number of rows and columns and the distance between them

    - or patterns along a path

    You can start the feature by entering the command name PATTERN in the run command list or you can find it in the sub menu "Modify".

    This feature is available to all subscribers.

  • Linestyle:
    Use the line style feature to load, set or delete line styles. Choose a line style to display on the currently active segment of the drawing.

    You can load additional styles from a set of default imperial or metric line styles (depends on the measurements of your drawing).

    You can start the feature by entering the command name LINESTYLE in the run command list or you can find it in the sub menu "Format".

    This feature is available to all subscribers.

  • Trinity Comments - Mention users:
    Enhance collaboration by allowing users to mention and notify specific team members in comments, facilitating direct communication and seamless project discussions.

    Info: Explore all benefits of our cloud solution ARES Kudo and the synergy with ARES Touch. You need to be signed in with a valid Graebert account and own a valid ARES Kudo license.


  • Comments & Markups: Time stamp does not update until any modification is done from the same device. (R-6471)

  • HATCH: Hatch preview is initially empty when opening the Hatch/Fill dialog. (R-7392)

  • PICTURENOTE: The image doesn't get maximized on tap in the picture note. (R-7497)

    Further fixes and improvements: R-651, R-7329, R-7436, R-7501 R-7503, R-7506

Version: 23.0.2 (1898)
Release date: August 10th, 2023
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Properties:
    You can now show the description of entity properties.

    Tap on the button on the top left and choose between the following options:

    - Display only icons

    - Display only labels

    - Display icons and labels

  • User input:
    Turn on/off entity tracking and/or entity snaps directly from the user interface.

    Tap on the expand button and use the toggles to control these features.

  • User interface:
    Expandable elements and tab controls now need less space on the screen.


  • Raster images: You cannot construct entities on raster images when entity snapping is turned on. (R-7374)

  • Graphics: Dimensions with custom lineweights != ByLayer and LWDISPLAY on, are not visible when ordered above raster images. (R-7380)

  • EDITHATCH: Placement option doesn't work for Fill(Gradient). (R-7390)

  • EXPORT: Dialog does not respond correctly when uploading an exported file takes too long. (R-7428)

    Further fixes and improvements: R-7385, R-7391 , R-7404, R-7407, R-7418

Version: 23.0.1 (1891)
Release date: July 5th, 2023
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • No enhancements in this update. Stay tuned for new features in upcoming releases!


  • Google Drive: Google Drive and iCloud does not show the correct indicator when connection is linked. (R-7324)

  • ARES Kudo: Missing integration icons when started in offline mode. (R-7334)

  • User interface: User input mask shows blank navigation bar when command is called for the first time (iPhones). (R-7365)

  • User interface: Run Command list is cut half when showing the list for the first time (iPhones). (R-7402)

  • User interface: Some features of the user input bar are inaccessible (iPhones). (R-7403)

  • PDF to DWG: Missing Japanese translation. (R-7387)

    Further fixes and improvements: R-7356,R-7388

Version: 23.0.0 (1872)
Release date: April 13th, 2023
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • PDF to DWG:

    You can now view your PDF files within the app.

    Tap on the PDF file in the file browser to open the internal viewer.

    If you are a subscriber you can even convert a single page of the PDF file into DWG. Tap on the PDF file in the file browser to open the internal viewer. To start the feature just tap on the symbol at the bottom right or use the menu "PDF to DWG...".


  • Comments & Markups: Comment titles cannot contain single "&" or "###" sequences. (R-6397)

  • Comments & Markups: Application crashes when pasting the text on reply box under comment palate. (R-7052)

  • File browser: PDF icon size is smaller than DWG icon size. (R-7128)

  • ARES Kudo: Application gets crash after using the permission option. (R-7132)

  • Trinity Block Library: Block Library window remains empty in certain situations. (R-7166)

  • EXPORT: Exporting a drawing to PDF does not apply the correct layer option by using the active sheet option. (R-7294)

  • EXPORT: "Use Layer in PDF file" option doesn't work correctly, still allows exporting the layers even if the option is unchecked. (R-7309)

  • TOLERANCE: Symbols are cropped in Tolerance dialog. (R-7314)

Version: 22.1.1 (1866)
Release date: February 7th, 2023
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Trinity Block Library:

    You can now access your block library within the app. The block library is available for local and cloud files. Run command _BLOCKLIBRARY or tap on the entry "Trinity Block Library" from the menu on the right side.

    Reminder: You need to be signed in with a valid Graebert account.


  • System: Copyrights updated. (R-7195)

  • File browser: Space for long file names needs to be optimized. (R-7130)

  • ARES Kudo: Add storage text is not visible on large devices. (R-7125)

  • ARES Kudo: Permissions lead to a crash. (R-7132)

  • ARES Kudo: Thumbnails are often blank. (R-7133)

  • HATCH: Blank grey space appears under the 'Angle and scale' section in the dialog. (R-7169)

  • Layerlist: Should ask to show the entities of layers if the user tries to make the hidden layer as an active layer. (R-7188)

  • Licensing: Flex cloud license was not renewed after long idle time. (R-7194)

  • Comments & Markups: Commenting titles cannot contain special characters (&,#). (R-6397)

  • Comments & Markups: Last listed comment is converted into a black bar. (R-7031)

Version: 22.1.0 (1828)
Release date: November 21st, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Turn on or off the line weight directly from the menu on the right side. (R-654)

    You can find the feature below View -> Display Lineweight ON/OFF

  • Added support for document based apps. R-2186)

    You can now open your drawings directly from the iOS "Files" app inside ARES Touch.

  • File browser: You can now sort your files by name, size or date. (R-5362)


  • File browser: "Save to Local files" Should not allow to save file to the local space without file name. (R-6842)

  • File browser: "Save to Local files" saves the file with the last letter if file name consists the "/" symbol. (R-6843)

  • User interface: Cannot undo Zoom and Pan gestures. (R-6858)

  • User interface: Certain devices shows black border (left and right side) in full screen mode. (R-7010)

  • User interface: Missing appearance for disabled state for push button (icon set) and switch button (toggled/untoggled). (R-6779)

  • Properties: Icons are not horizontally center aligned. (R-3594)

  • Graphics: TIFF images show irregular errors. (R-6035)

  • System: Opening a file with an external application might cause a crash. (R-6848)

  • Login: *My Account* Shows "Active License" at the place of "Flex Cloud License". (R-6932)

  • EXPORT: Custom paper size is not correctly applied to exported PDF. (R-7037)

  • CIRCLE: On picking any option of 'Diameter' or 'Radius' command, it shows a hypothetical line connected with 0,0. (R-397)

  • EDITHATCH: Improper prompt for the option 'Highlight boundary entites'. (R-646)

  • PRINT/EXPORT: Select all / Clear all in "MULTIPLE" tab sometimes hide one or more sheets. (R-6833)

  • FIND: 'Find' button is disabled next time until update the text in 'Find what' input field. (R-6840)

  • EXPORT: Exported PDF files cannot be uploaded with surrogate characters in name. (R-6954)

  • SAVE/SAVES: Saving a drawing without file extension produces error message. (R-6959)

  • SAVEAS: Should not allow to save file without file name. (R-6984)

  • ARES Kudo: *Permissions Dialog* Show Password icon (Eye Icon) overlaps with the password box. (R-6625)

  • Comments & Markups: Comments text expansion button placement is incorrect. (R-6894)

Version: 22.0.2 (1641)
Release date: August 31st, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Performance:
    Speed for zoom and pan has been improved for drawings with a lot of text entities. (R-6825)

    The text remains visible as text in high zoom levels but is getting rendered as rectangle in low zoom levels. The text is still correctly exported independently on the level of detail on the graphics area.

  • Dropbox service has been updated. (R-6849)


  • Login: Flex cloud licenses now show correct license type in account details. (R-6780)

  • Login/Logout: It shows user name even after logout. (R-6914)

    EXPORT: Opening and cancelling the export dialog modifies the drawing. (R-6856)

  • EXPORT: Certain image is not visible when print/export the drawing. (R-6929)

  • EXPORT: Export does not check for overwrite if another file with the same name already exists on the cloud only. (R-6964)

  • EXPORT: Problems with uploading a file with surrogate characters in the name. (R-6954)

  • SAVE: Saving a drawing without file extension produces error a message. (R-6959)

  • User interface: Commenting button remains visible despite expired license. (R-6950)

  • User interface: The "Permissions" dialog box does not fit on the screen of narrow mobile devices. (R-6846)

  • User interface: Cannot close application menu of the document in landscape mode for small devices. (R-6940)

  • User interface: Help button in dialogs does not work. (R-6942)

  • User interface: Subscription window header is transparent, only the close button is visible. (R-6944)

  • File browser: You cannot modify or delete a drawing copied from a session-locked cloud file. (R-6977)

Version: 22.0.1 (1635)
Release date: June 30th, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG Viewer & CAD


  • Added new feature that enables allocating more memory on iOS devices with M1 chip. (R-6407)

  • Added full screen support for new iPad mini model. (R-6854)


  • System: Application crashes when using "open with" option from contextual menu. (R-6820)

  • System: Device rotation activates undo and redo buttons. (R-6859)

  • User interface: Application menu must be tapped 2 times to open. (R-6867)

  • User interface: Application crashes on tapping third time on the run command button. (R-6886)

  • Login: Application gets crashed on login with a fresh account. (R-6865)

  • Layers: Should not be allowed to activate the 'Frozen' layer. (R-3833)

  • File browser: Unable to load the "Term of Use" Page. (R-6817)

  • File browser: Remove the option "Save Package to my local files" option and replace it with "Save to my Local Files". (R-6830)

  • Snaps: Snap override breaks the running command prompt if snapping fails. (R-1452)

  • HATCH: Unable to create the custom hatch pattern, application crashed on closing the hatch dialog. (R-6803)

  • HATCH: User defined Pattern: No effect of adding intersecting lines on the created hatch pattern. (R-6810)

  • FIND: Replace button is disabled immediately after find. (R-6835)

  • SAVEAS: Should not allow saving files without file name. (R-6819)

  • SAVEAS: Command saves the file with the last letter if the file name consists of the "/" symbol. (R-6818)

  • SAVETOLOCAL: "Save to Local files" should not allow saving files to the local space without file name. (R-6842)

  • SAVETOLOCAL: "Save to Local files" saves the file with the last letter if the file name consists of the "/" symbol. (R-6843)

  • SAVETOLOCAL: *Save to Local Files" shows no indication that file is successfully saved from cloud to local. (R-6796)

  • SETVAR: Changing the LWDISPLAY variable does not update the graphic area. (R-6869)

  • TOLERANCE: In tolerance dialog, check boxes and lines are not correctly aligned. (R-6813)

  • EXPORT: Application should not allow exporting the "PDF/JPEG" if the name is not provided. (R-6816)

  • COMMENTS: Commenting palette does not refresh automatically on saving the drawing on the cloud when the palette is already open. (R-6144)

  • COMMENTS: Voice Recording: Blank box appears on the commenting palette under voice recording markup. (R-6841)

  • COMMENTS: Unable to open the comment dialog after inserting stamp from ribbon. (R-6806)

  • COMMENTS: Comments that are longer than 400 characters do not show ... (R-6888)

  • COMMENTS: Comments that are not longer than 400 characters are cut (R-6889)

    ARES Kudo: Images are not automatically downloaded from any Kudo cloud if "http" is part of the name. (R-6811)

Version: 22.0.0 (1629)
Release date: April 8th, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • ARES Kudo - Permissions:

    'Sharing options' have been renamed to 'Permissions'.

    Set up your permissions for drawings with the same capabilities as ARES Kudo. Permissions are available as usual from the file browser and can be set also now inside the document view.

    Open document menu -> Permissions. Permissions are not available for local documents.

  • Export (JPEG/PDF):

    You can now export your active layout as JPEG for free.

    Subscribers can use 'Export as PDF' to export multiple sheets of your drawing in one step. Specify whether you want to export all geometry, your current or named view , or just specify the area you wish.
    Open document menu -> Export.

  • Print (JPEG/PDF):

    Directly send your drawing layouts to your mobile cloud printer (Apple AirPrint, Android Cloud/Wifi Direct Print). You can print your active layout as JPEG for free.

    Subscribers can use 'Print as PDF' to send multiple sheets of your drawing in one step to the printer. Specify whether you want to print all geometry, your current or named view , or just specify the area you wish.
    Open document menu -> Print.

  • Sheets:

    When you switch to a sheet from the 'Sheets' window you can now easily switch between Model- and Sheet mode inside the ribbon to change the view of your sheet or a certain viewport. (R-554)


  • DRAWINGBOUNDS: The command does not notify if you try to interact with the graphic area beyond specified drawing boundary. (R-538)

  • ZOOM: Inappropriate message pops-up for (Factor, In and Out) option. (R-729)

  • OBLIQUEDIMENSION: 'Oblique' dimension first ask to set angle then ask for select entity. (R-1222)

  • Properties: Changes are not applying correctly on the selected entity. (R-6611)

  • TRIM/EXTEND: The command shows an error message when using the CRossline option. (R-6613)

  • LEADER: The command is terminated when tapping on the OK button without specifying the text. (R-6639)

  • FIND: Crash when replacing text in certain drawings. (R-6644)

  • SHEETS: Sheets are not listed in correct order. (R-6737)

  • HATCH: Crash opening hatch dialog in iOS 12. (R-6654)

  • User interface: Flyouts like Run command list or Sheets are not positioned appropriately when ViewMode is active. (R-6668)

  • COMMENTS: Cancel "x" button disappears in commenting palette. (R-6751)

  • COMMENTS: Button "Save" / "Post" in commenting palette is shown without text. (R-6760)

  • ARES Kudo: There is an upload- and commenting error after overwriting an existing drawing. (R-6763)

Version: 21.3.1 (1553)
Release date: March 15th, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor



    The sketch is now created on the active layer. The sketch entity is now created as a block. (R-6677,R-6678)


  • UI: Inappropriate layout on certain iOS devices. (R-6707,R-6708,R-6710,R-6713)

  • ARES Kudo: Saving a file with lost editing rights lead to saving error. (R-6718)

  • Additional minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version: 21.3.0 (1549)
Release date: February 2nd, 2022
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Sheets and Layers (R-4121,R-6210,R-6433,R-6665):

    You can now see your sheets and layers in a better way.


    You can now create, delete and rename sheets and layers.


  • SELECT: The selection shows the internal region with 'Crossline' and 'Fence' options. (R-6416)

  • HATCH: The draw order (Placement Options) is not working correctly. (R-6602)

  • LEADER: Tolerance option is not working when applying to a leader. (R-6615)

  • -LAYER: Not able to get the list of layers by using the list option (? to list) when deleting layers by name. (R-6590)

  • FREESKETCH: The command does not utilize the entire upper GA side area for sketching. (R-6566)

  • UI: The color pallet should not close by tapping on the graphics area. (R-6584)

  • Commenting: Commenting palette does not hide when tapping over 'Comments' option in ribbon. (R-6451)

  • File browser: New Folder - Local Storage: Should not be allowed to create a folder only with empty space. (R-6485)

  • File browser: Rename: Drawing file is lost on replacing the existing file.(RADON-6562)

  • Performance: App stuck when tapping twice on 'Cancel' button of 'About' dialog in file browser. (RADON-6564)

  • Selection: Selection set is reset on toggling between 'Orbit' & 'Pan'. (R-6569)

  • Drafting Settings: Crash in drafting settings when entering an invalid number in the first edit field. (R-6640)

  • CRASH: Application crashes on save after deleting the gradient in a certain drawing. (R-6618)

Version: 21.2.1 (1474)
Release date: December 15th, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • iCloud: You can now create and delete folders.


  • Trinity Commenting: 'Comments' button is not shown on 'Action' bar if the drawing is opened directly from mail attachment. (R-6404)

  • Trinity Commenting: Commenting - Voice Recording: 'Record' button is not red. (R-6473)

  • Selection: Entities are not selected with 'Select all' after deselecting the entity by 'Remove' option. (R-6415)

  • Command list: Command list appears cropped on changing the device orientation. (R-6426)

  • Command list: Command list disappears if finger tip goes outside of the list while scrolling it. (R-6431)

  • Command list: Tapping twice on run command button to show run command list causes wrong UI state. (R-6570)

Version: 21.2.0 (1467)
Release date: November 1st, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Selection: You can now easily turn on and turn off lasso selection from the menu 'Select'. The main selection tracker now shows a window filled frame.

  • Files and Folders: You can now create new folders for local documents and clouds.

  • Commenting & Markups: You can now execute commenting and markup commands below the menu 'Comments and Markups'.

  • Drafting settings: You can now customize the pointer cue by size and color.


  • Grips: Grip editing does not work (Unrecognized command SNAPGRIP. Press F1 for help.) (R-6411)

  • CHAMFER: You cannot select the second line. Command just stops (R-3519)

  • PICTURENOTE: Time stamp is not shown in specific drawing. (R-6270)

  • GETANGLE: The first linear segment is not highlighted when selected. (R-6373)

  • UI: The 'All' option is disabled in the right side menu in 'Free mode'. (R-6444)

  • UI: The right side menu shows the 'Lasso ON' option in the 'Selection' contextual ribbon (Overrides the 'Add' option). (R-6456)

  • Graphics: The graphics area is also panned if the finger tip comes up over it while scrolling inside the right side menu. (R-3915)

  • Files: A drawing from an email attachment does not open in the first attempt. (R-6385)

Version: 21.1.2 (1392)
Release date: October 14th, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • UI: Dialogs are blank for certain devices with iOS 15 or later. (R-6447)

Version: 21.1.1 (1389)
Release date: September 21st, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • SAVEAS: The command does not ask where to save the read only drawing if you cancel the saving process the first time. (R-4751)

  • SAVE: The command does not ask the second time where to save (Cloud or Local) the drawing when the first time saving to local is canceled. (R-4913)

  • Graphics: Grip points are missing on cloud entities created with ARES Commander 2022 SP0 or later. (R-6260)

  • LAYER: The command -LAYER crashes after selecting '? to list' option. (R-6344)

  • Trinity commenting: The reply on a thread with more than 3 lines is cut. (R-6396)

Version: 21.1.0 (1385)
Release date: August 12th, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • TOLERANCE: The layout of the tolerance dialog has been optimized.

  • Stability: The app will now consume less memory for certain drawings.

  • Performance: Drawings will open now approx. 10% faster.

  • Updates: You will now see a notification inside the app when a new update ( after 21.1.0 ) is available.


  • Properties: Can not open 'Color' palette again after closing it once. (R-5703)

  • Properties: Opened palette and right side menu disappears after changing the gradient color from 'Properties' palette. (R-6198)

  • Graphics: Surfaces of 3D entities are not visible distinctly in the sheet. (R-5786)

  • PICTURENOTE: The time stamp follows the current layer active color and differs from the picturenote block. (R-6046)

  • SHADEVIEW: Command returns an additional unexpected message/action in 'Sheet' when model mode is not active. (R-6052)

  • GENERALSETTINGS: Selecting 'Black' color is not reflected in 'Preview' for the first time. (R-6243)

  • Graphics: Viewport border does not match border grip points after editing one of the border grip points. (R-6244)

  • ARES Kudo: Data loss after trying to restore editing file session in vain. (R-6032)

  • ARES Kudo: Unable to enter remotely removed Kudo folder. (R-6124)

  • ARES Kudo: Shows an unexpected option in the 'File' menu of a 'Missing' file on cloud. (R-6191)

  • COMMENTS: Keypad pops-up automatically on opening the 'Comments' palette. (R-6142)

  • User input: Some options are not aligned in expanded mode. (R-6148)

  • User input: The app crashes when tapping on a label of a switch. (R-6205)

  • UI: Cannot edit grip points after cancel grip editing. (R-6174)

  • PICTURENOTE: Returns <<Error>> in first attempt in specific drawing. (R-6181)

  • HATCH: Cannot fully scroll entire hatch dialog in one swipe. (R-6182)

  • UI: Drawing name/title appears delayed when loading the database takes some time. (R-6196)

Version: 21.0.1 (1293)
Release date: June 16th, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • Clouds: Always open locally cached drawings and ignore the modified version of the same drawing available on the cloud. (R-3163)

  • PDFEXPORT: 'Sheets' section is too small to show all the sheets in a single view. (R-5236)

  • INSERTBLOCK: While inserting block, dynamic preview of block is always shown on default scale and not on specified scale. (R-5257)

  • HATCH: Wrong sub-option is selected by-default after selecting 'User-defined location' option. (R-6138)

  • FIND: Drawing disappears when zooming to a simple note in XREF. (R-6161)

  • UI: Application menu jumps to opposite corner on rotating the device orientation. (R-5238)

  • UI: Toast message appears over 'Options' toolbar. (R-5374)

  • UI: Sharing Options calendar widget has styling issues. (R-6117,R-6151)

  • Graphics: "AEC Objects" not displayed on GA (Name of AEC Objects getting displayed). (R-5265)

  • ARES Kudo: Crash when opening browser menu on offline created Kudo file. (R-6136)

Version: 21.0.0 (1290)
Release date: April 29th, 2021
App Store: ARES Touch: DWG CAD Viewer & Editor


  • PICTURENOTE and VOICENOTE: You can now include date and time to the symbol.

  • Capabilities have been enabled to open a drawing from ARES Kudo inside ARES Touch.


  • VOICENOTE: The command terminates without saving the VoiceNote after recording the voice. (R-6054)

  • FIND: The 'Find' button is disabled next time until updating the text in 'Find what' input field. (R-5894)

  • Graphics: ARES Touch cannot display certain drawings. (R-1585)

  • Graphics: Attached monochrome image does not take line color. (R-1753)

  • Graphics: The image is not clipped as per clipped image frame. (R-5899)

  • Graphics: Specific xref image disappears on zooming. (R-6039)

  • UI: Manage subscription option opens website in Safari with Apple error message (R-5995)

  • ARES Kudo: Enable "Sync with cloud" option for non-drawing files ( e.g. PDF , images , ... ). (R-5996)

  • ARES Kudo: Crash on opening the file from the cloud if the file is deleted from the back-end meanwhile. (R-6026)

  • ARES Kudo: Creates conflicted copy on saving a shared drawing followed by saving on an Android device. (R-6034)

  • System: Returns unexpected messages on saving the drawing on cloud storage in different languages. (R-6044)

  • System: Crash on deleting a non-CAD file from iCloud storage. (R-6055)

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