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Help us improve the ARES Products!

We believe that users should drive product development, therefore we welcome and encourage users to give us feedback on your experience with our products. Aiming to improve them, and benefit our Users, we like to receive feedback about the use of our products, and or suggestions for improvement of existing features / new functionality that you would like to see included in future releases.

What's important to have in mind submitting your suggestions/ideas:

a) Describe the idea using as less text as you can (you can attach images).

b) What's the use case/how it would be used? (state the workflow).

c) Why is it important to you/how it would benefit users?

d) Is there something similar on the market/in other products?

e) If it's an existing feature in the product, please mention the command name (or how access: ribbon, menu or palette) and how it should be improved.

Feel free to submit your feedback/suggestions to the Support Team, via the email address [email protected].

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Your Graebert CAD Team

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