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Save current workspace configuration as a new workspace
Save current workspace configuration as a new workspace

ARES, Commander, User Interface, UI, workspace.

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The ARES software provides the following workspaces:

  • Drafting and Annotations

  • Classic

  • 3D Modeling

  • CAD General

Each workspace has its own set of toolbars and palettes, with the specified set of tools.

You can modify existing workspaces or create your own workspace using the Save current workspace... option.

To save the current workspace:

  1. On the Quick Access Toolbar, from the Workspace drop-down list, select Save current space.

  2. In the Save workspace dialog box, type the name of the workspace or select a name from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Save.

The workspace appears in the Workspace drop-down list.

To save the current workspace settings on switching:

When the user modifies user interface of software by adding or removing toolbars, palettes, ribbon tabs in respective workspace and wants to keep remains these UI settings in a new workspace on switching between the workspaces as well.

To imply this first execute CUSTOMIZE command and in dialog box expand UI Profiles and check “Auto-save workspace when switching option”.

By default “Do not auto-save workspace when switching" is active and

this option does not restore any custom user interface settings added by the user on switching between the workspaces.

To restore the custom user interface settings added by user on switching between workspaces, please check “Auto-save workspace when switching” option.

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