Change of assigned Graphics device

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Under certain scenarios of identified or investigating graphics performance issues, it's worth to test the behavior with specific devices: This not only allows to narrow down possible causes, may also identify if the issue is device (or device driver) specific but also possible incorrect management or assignment of resources by the OS settings in place.

What to check:

- In the Windows Toolbar, in the Search field Type Graphics Settings.

- Click the first result.

- (Browse) Locate the ARES Commander executable file ARESC.exe. (Note: the file path shownn in the screenshot refers to an installation using the default file path).

- Click the "Options" button.

- Toggle between the different options/devices, and test the behavior/issue.

(Note: Device performance is greatly dependent on the device driver installed. We always recommend that you make sure you are using the latest device driver available for your device(s) in the device manufacturer's website).

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