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Troubleshooting Graphics issues - ARES Commander 2022 and Newer
Troubleshooting Graphics issues - ARES Commander 2022 and Newer

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Troubleshooting Graphics issues - ARES Commander 2022 and Newer

Some non-optimal configurations , or dated device drivers may cause that the user experiences (graphics) performance issues, that may range from unexpected/incorrect display of entities or slow displacement of the cursor in the drawing area, to extreme cases on which the application closes unexpectedly.

If experiencing problems like the ones mentioned above, we would recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

- Make sure your OS is updated. Check the Historic of updates for Failed or Pending updates, and repeat the action as appropriate.

- Make sure your Display device driver is updated. We recommend that you download the driver directly from the device manufacturer's website.

- In ARES Commander, type OPENGLPROFILE in the command line, and press Enter. In the command dialog, usually the option selected is "Core Profile" (recommended):

Change the option to a different one, close the window, restart ARES Commander and retest the issue. Typically, the option ANGLE offers good results, however any other option may be more appropriate, depending on the local setup/configuration, therefore if the results are not positive, test with the different options available.

Note: The ANGLE option is only available on Windows.

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