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Troubleshooting Crash on Start/Launch - ARES Commander 2022 and Newer Versions
Troubleshooting Crash on Start/Launch - ARES Commander 2022 and Newer Versions

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Troubleshooting Crash on Start/Launch

Some configurations/setups may result in graphics problems when using ARES Commander, usually due to "old" (Display) device drivers or dated components of the OS. Under certain scenarios, can cause extreme results, like being unable to launch the application.

In order to address these extreme cases, please see the information below:

  • Make sure that your Computer meets (ideally exceeds) the application's System Requirements. You can find the System Requirements for the different ARES Commander versions in the Graebert HelpCenter:

  • Make sure your OS is updated. Check the Historic of updates for Failed or Pending updates, and repeat the action as appropriate.

  • Make sure your Display device driver is updated. We recommend that you download the driver directly from the device manufacturer's website.

If the steps above don't solve the issue, you can try to "force" the application to start under a different OpenGL profile. If the users can test different OpenGL profiles when running ARES Commander (using the OPENGLPROFILE command - see, by applying a desktop shortcut "switch":

  • Select the ARES Commander desktop shortcut, and press mouse-right click. Select "Properties".

  • Go to the "Shortcut" tab. In the "Target" field, add /glprofile angle after ARESC-exe":

  • Click OK. Launch ARES Commander via the just edited shortcut.

Note: The angle option is only available on Windows. If the application does not start with the recommended core OpenGL profile, you can try the start parameter compatibility

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