Kudo release notes 1.147
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New Functionality:

  1. Tool message for command

    1. We have added a detailed tool message for each command from the

      1. Toolbar

      2. Status bar

      3. Layer Panel

  2. The improved overall user experience of Kudo on Mobile and Touch devices

    1. File list improvements

      1. Improvements to access cloud storage --> User can access files from various cloud storage

      2. Grid display for files

      3. Easy to access file/ folder related commands

    2. Easy to access the user menu

    3. The refactored header on all pages for mobile devices

  3. Added “PASTE@SOURCEPOSITION“to the contextual menu.

  4. Use the SplitDimension command to split dimension and extension lines of Dimension entities where they intersect other entities. You can also join split dimension and extension lines.

    1. You can either create splits in the dimension and extension line automatically at all intersections with other entities, or you can specify the split locations individually by selecting crossing entities one by one.
      You can create dimension splits at Lines, Polylines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses, Leaders, Notes, SimpleNotes, and other Dimensions. Splits are also created at entities of these types when they are part of Blocks or References. You can select the same entities when you rejoin split dimensions.

    2. The default gap size can be mentioned in the "Options" dialog under Line option


  1. Infinite spinner is displayed when selecting My Drawings from the user menu

  2. Drawingcompare: Color display issue when Kudo background color is white

  3. The drawing thumbnail doesn't update on changing the editor background color preference

  4. Extra space in the storage sidebar in the grid view on a mobile device

  5. Unable to close sharing link in the first attempt for a drawing that is shared with some other users in the Box storage

  6. Drawing Compare: Drawing is opened from Kudo drive, but Google drive(Active storage) is visible when browsing drawings

  7. File filter changes on closing the drawing

  8. Get Editor Right button is shown even after fetching editing rights from a drawing whose editing session was closed

  9. Strings in the Import PDF panel are not translated into various local languages

  10. Kudo crashes when switched to sheet space while the drawing compare result is active

  11. The complete graphical area becomes green when comparing any drawing to the attached sample drawing: 'Arts Center Floorplans.dwg'

  12. 'SetZero' option is enabled by default and cannot be disabled in the Ordinate dimension command

  13. BaseLine dimension gets invoked after Ordinate dimension execution

  14. Sheet order is wrongly displayed in print to pdf dialog

  15. Hide the LANGUAGE command from the command line

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