Kudo release notes 1.153
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New Functionality

  1. Scale Text: Use the ScaleText command to enlarge or reduce Notes and SimpleNotes. The text position does not change, but you can specify a base point for the scaling.

  2. Edit Spline: Use the EditSpline command to edit Splines. You can close open Splines, Join Splines with other 2D entities, Convert Splines to Polylines, Edit fit point data and control frame data, Edit properties and parameters of Splines

  3. Create conflicting files: A conflicting file is a file that the application automatically creates to prevent data loss when problems occur during saving.
    In a collaborative environment, multiple users can work and access drawings from any device, at any time. When different users open the same drawing at the same time, conflicts may appear when users open a drawing in Edit mode and try to save the drawing at any time. If a problem occurs while saving the drawing, the application saves the latest changes to a conflicting file. The application saves the conflicting file in the same folder as the original drawing.

  4. "Geometrical Center" esnap is added to ""Esnap" menu


  1. Email notifications about new changes and comments do not arrive in the drawing owner account - OneDrive / OneDrive for Business / SharePoint

  2. The "Get editor rights" button is available for drawing opened via view-only link

  3. Incorrect messages appear when changing access from editing rights to viewing in Google Drive storage

  4. The "Deleted Files" folder is available in all storages after opening the Permissions dialog in ARES Kudo drive storage

  5. The title of the picture recording dialog is not displayed in view-only mode

  6. The renaming label hangs if you scroll the page while renaming

  7. There is no tooltip for a minimum 2 characters in the search field

  8. LayerState: Broken UI of layer state import table

  9. Kudo crashes when creating layers

  10. DELETE status stuck on the file when canceling the delete process

  11. Kudo crashes when running the InsertBlock command in a specific drawing

  12. Open in ARES Touch/Commander button is enabled even when no license for the respective product is present

  13. Drawing Compare: Dimensions are shown according to the zoom level in the comparison result for specific drawings

  14. Icons in the properties panel are not displayed for MINSERTed block

  15. The wrong name is shown on the dialog of 'Show full image' under the comments panel

  16. The dropdown icon for the shaded view panel is upside down in the Edge browser

  17. It's difficult to see the color on the layer panel when the background color is the same

  18. Properties panel icons fluctuate when pressing Esc key

  19. Sheet manager: Strings are not fit on the buttons

  20. The aspect ratio is not maintained in the block preview

  21. The hidden layer icon doesn't update after hiding a layer by "layoff"

  22. When scrolling the layer list to the far right, the alignment of the column with the title is broken


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