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How to configure your report to share in .csv. Export files, report, csv, export data, properties.

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The export settings for .CSV make it easier to customize the fields you wish to export. You can define individual size of each field and its alignment (left or right) and the character to complete the property value until it achieves the set up size.

Menu: G-Electrical > Project > Export...

Ribbon: GE Start > Import/Export > Export...


Setting up export to CSV…

  1. On "Export" field select "Components" if not already selected

  2. Click on "Advanced" button

  3. It will display the "Exportation data" dialog where is possible add or remove properties, later on exported file the properties will be columns.

  4. Clicking on "New" button a new property can be add and the "Details" dialog is display for it.

On "Details" dialog we have the following fields:


Name of property that should be exported.


Header text for CSV file, if leave blank will use the property name.


It will group all components with same value and by consequence the quantity value will be increased.


It's a hard string, so the value type on field "Name" will be replicated to all rows on CSV file.


Maximum number of characters for this column.

Complete with

Character(s) that will complete the column length in case the property values is shorter than length assigned.


Left or Right align for text value.

📖INFO: "Complete with" and "Alignment" are only valid if "Length" is not empty.

💡TIP: To edit the details of a property already on "Exportation data" it's possible double-click over property name on the list.

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